Robbery and Restitution

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Pablo Edronkin

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Delaying the restitution of properties stolen by the Nazis or Communists results in the perpetuation of a status quo which goes against the respect for private property and freedom that emerged from crimes against humanity; hence, anyone not giving back properties stolen during that period or even thinking that they shouldn't be delivered to their original owners is simply a Nazi or Communist collaborator, even decades after WWII an the fall of communism.

What would you say if someone invades your land, then kills your family in front of you, your friends and the people of your town while you survive for five or six years in the marshes or fighting unconventional warfare, only to see those invaders defeated by other regime that imposes a not-so-different dictatorship, takes the rest of your property, marks you as an enemy of the state, forcing you to flee and live elsewhere for decades, only to realize that when you return back to the country in which you were born and your ancestors lived for centuries, neither people nor government want to give you back what they know was yours?

That is exactly what is happening today to thousands of Polish citizens, Jews and Christians alike, that survived WWII and the Communist regime, and now only want what is rightfully theirs. It is also happening to people in other countries of Europe that suffered a similar fate and history. It is not new that societies - even those that have been victimized - tend to forget what responsibilities they have towards citizens that pay taxes and serve their countries well just because doing so may be troublesome (See Los malos líderes crónicos y agudos (V)). A lot of B.S. is say just to avoid paying back, a fact that brings into question whether it is worth or not to be patriotic in any way, with whatever country, because such cases - especially if you suffer the consequences - makes you see that apparently, nations demand taxes, patriotic services and allegiance towards one's country, but the country not only gives nothing in return, but steals you while pretending to rationally justify the fact with a whole load of legaloid excuses.

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Reclaiming Jewish Property in Krakow - A description of the problems faced by a Jewish family trying to have their property back in Krakow, Poland.

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The bottom line is that living in a civilized world entails respecting the rights of individuals, including property rights; how can a state ask its citizens to respect the law and pay taxes if the state in particular and the nation at large insist on behaving dishonestly with the victims of crimes against humanity?

Heretyk, Pablo Edronkin.

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