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The most famous banking name, associated with all sort of bizarre conspiracy theories, is also associated by ancestry to other banking households, including our own.

"Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world." - Winston Churchill[248].

Jews are among the most successful cultures in the history of the world; after all, the Jewish nation has survived and prospered for several thousands of years. Yet, their success is not seen as an example by many, but as a source of hatred. The name Rothschild incarnates perhaps more than any other dichotomy.

The name of the originally German banking family comes from the denomination that received their house in Frankfurt: The people living in that street decided many centuries ago that in order to identify each home, these would be associated with one colour. "Zum Roten Schild" (at the red shield's) became after a wile Rothschild, like Schwarzshild (black shield) were adopted as surnames. As in the case of many other Jewish banking or religious families, the Rothschild family did not begin there but has a long ancestry, and it is widely ramified.

Over time, Rothschild became a synonym for banking, wealth and allegedly sinister policy making. It is true that the Rothschild family became very rich and powerful and that they are related to other Jewish banking families conforming in the past a worldwide financial network, but their goals, methods and own culture are pretty well misunderstood, giving way to absurd conspiracy theories. The notoriety of the Rothschild name is also the clearest example that shows why many times Jewish banking families do not use their real family names in public.

The Rothschild Solution

The Rothschild banking dynasty was not the first one in the world and while it is quite probably the wealthiest, in fact its main merit in the history of economy was to solve for Jewish bankers the problem of surviving the impeding insecurity at the hands of kings and emperors: Banking was very risky because collecting debts was an unsure thing at best. Rulers often liquidated their debts with the banking houses by liquidating the members of those banking houses, and the populace followed suit after they were promised the spoils of pogroms and persecutions. Outside some very specific realms such as kings and courts that especially favoured Jewish immigration for a while, Jews almost never enjoyed a good public image in medieval Europe, and those in government knew that they could take advantage of that fact.

What the Rothschilds essentially did was to find a solution to that based on experiences of their relatives and colleagues from other banking houses such as that of the Oppenheimer family, which were ultimately scammed by the authorities after they entered into huge debts that they did not intend to pay back (see Samuel Oppenheimer, the Oberfaktor) and often the situation ended with Jews being murdered in order to make claims for payment cease and outstanding debts disappear (see The Real Jud Süss). The solution found by the Rothschild family was to move their wealth in such a way as no government could steal it under ostensibly legal pretexts or otherwise.

Thus, and in a twist of irony, the Rothschild family, as it evolved, is a direct product of the deeds of those that wanted to wipe out the Jews. Thorough history there are many examples of things that produced the exact opposite results that their perpetrators wanted. With no anti - Semitism, it would have been quite likely that no Rothschilds, Speyers or Schoenbergs would have ever evolved into massive financial establishments. An even better example is what the Nazis achieved with their "Final solution" initiative: Instead of wiping out the Jews, they provoked the restoration of Israel as a state.

Having solved such an important drainage problem, wealth began increasing rapidly, and since most Jewish banking families are related by means of crossed marriages, the whole Jewish financial establishment in Europe and then elsewhere, began doing business in a similar way.

Thus, from being people that were not allowed to work in other trades or hold properties, Jewish bankers became at one point the rulers of the financial system of the world, represented among the populace by the Rothschild name. Naturally, money becomes associated with power and politics. The Rothschilds and the rest of the Jewish banking families acquired power comparable to today's commercial corporations, which can in fact surpass the gross national product of many nations.

This fact, envy, resentment towards Jews in general and the lack of explanation by a large part of the non-Jewish population on how the Jewish bankers - and especially the Rothschild family - actually made their money led to the appearance and growth of a number of conspiracy theories in which, naturally, the Jewish bankers were fingered as responsibly for all the evils of the world (see The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Us).

Despite bad propaganda, over time the Jewish banking houses became by their own invention commercial corporations as we understand them today; shares were sold and these enterprises ceased for the most part to be the properties of Jewish bankers. So did the Rothschilds and such fortunes changed as years passed.

But the fact remains that the money and riches of the Rothschild and secondarily, other Jewish banking families was secured and hardly any government or regime could fetch it, or if they did, they always faced prosecution even decades later (see Robbery and restitution) while estimates of the Rothschild fortune oscillate wildly from a few thousands of millions of dollars to several trillions. So, in short, the method worked.

How the Rothschilds fit into the Schoenberg picture

As I have described elsewhere, our family, that of the Skowronek bankers is tightly associated with the Schoenberg family that comes from the Portuguese de Belmontes (see Skowronek Genealogy and Schoenberg) and in fact the mother of my great grandmother was a Schoenberg.

There are several unrelated people named Schoenberg as there are unrelated Rothschilds, Epsteins, Speyers and so on; that is, sharing a surname doesn't necessarily mean that there is a connection. However, in the case of people that belong to banking families with such names, there is a connection because one of the key ways to conduct business has been to perform contract marriages with business purposes (see Outcasting Those Unsuitably Married) and part of that relation is described in these articles:

The Schoenbergs from Holland to Germany and Poland

Aaron Schoenberg


Captain Frederick Melchior Raphael, Fallen at Spion Kop

The Royal Josephs

The Rothschild genealogy has been well studied and published; names to which the Rothschild banking name appears linked by marriage married include Goldschmidt, Hanau, Worms, Schnapper, Montefiore, Buchsbaum, Feist, and Halbertstadt among others. All of these are connected to the Warsaw and Alzey Schoenbergs. For example, Stefan Feist[1.35], son of Julie Rothschild[1.76], married Elisabeth Belmont, a.k.a Schoenberg[1.77] (see Dom Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte) and Montefiore is linked to the name Raphael, which is a surname that represents a cadet branch of the Schoenberg family (see Captain Frederick Melchior Raphael, Fallen at Spion Kop and The Royal Josephs).

The following are some family names to which Rothschild is related directly by marriage[1][230]:

A: Abraham, Abrahams, Adam, Adler, Agius, Aldobrandini, Alexander, Alter, Andriesse, Anspach, Armuth, Aronstein, Aronthal.

B: Bacharach, Back, Badrian, Baer, Ball, Bamberger, Barukh, Battegay, Beaumarchais, Beer, Benzaguen, Berger, Berlin, Berthier, Beverly, Bieber, Bishop, Bissinger, Blau, Bloch, Bloom, Bodenheimer, Bogatir, Bollag, Boyer, Braun, Bressler, Broda, Brull, Buchsbaum.

C: Cahen d'Anvers, Calman - Levy, Caracciolo di Fortino, Caracciolo y Cascone, Chauvin-du-Treuil, Coche de la Ferte, Cohen, Dunn.

D: Dannenberg, Dahl, de Gramont, de Groot, de Koven, de Lambert, de Marcin, de Silva, de Smeet, de Treuil, de Weisweiller, Detsy, Dettelbacher, Deutsch, Doblinger, Dreyfuss, du Pont, Dux.

E: Eger - Gans, Einstein, Eisenstadt, Eisler, Elend, Elsass, Emmanuel, Engel, Englander, Ephrussi, Epstein, Erlanger, Eschwege, Eskeles.

F: Feher, Feist, Fellner, Fitzroy, Flatow, Floersheim, Flower - Batterson, Fould - Springer, Fraenkel, Franchetti, Frank, Franklin, Frater, Fuerst, Fuld, Fuks.

G: Geggel, Genie, Gestern, Gideon, Gluck, Goetz, Goldberger, Goldschmidt, Goldstein, Gottlieb, Gries, Grossman, Gudema, Guggenheim, Guiness.

H: Hagedorn, Halberstadt, Halphen, Hamburger, Hanau, Hecht, Heilbut, Heller, Herz, Hess, Hilmes, Hochst, Hoguet, Hollander, Holstein, Horowitz, Hutchinson.

I: Israel.

J: Jacob, Jacoby, Jedwab, Jerusalem, Joseph.

K: Kahn, Kanitz, Katz, Kaufmann, Kellner, Kesselbaum, Klebe, Klee, Koralek, Kraemer, Krauss.

L: Lahav, Lang, Langfelder, Landau, Landauer, Langner, Larkin, Lechnich, Lehmann, Leiter, Lentner, Leonino, Leosanger, Levi, Levitz, Lhopitalier, Libenau, Lichtenstein, Limon, Lindauer, Lindenfeld, Loeb, Loewenberg, Lorch, Lorye, Low, Lytner.

M: Magann, Malard, Markovitz, Markus, Martello, Mink, Meisels, Merzbach, Meyer, Monnickendam, Montefiore, Moses, Muhlstein.

N: Namétalla, Nasch, Nathan, Neilson, Neuberger, Neufeld, Nussbaum.

O: Oostra, Oppenheim.

P: Pappenheim, Pelletier de Chambure, Perlman, Perugia, Phillips, Piatigorski, Picard, Piatigorski, Pinto, Piowaty, Plaut, Plowathy, Pollatsek, Potasman, Prager, Primrose.

R: Rapaport, Raphael, Redford, Reichner, Reif, Reinach, Reiss, Ricci, Rokeach, Roman, Rosenbaum, Rosenberg, Rost, Rosenstein, Rosenthal, Rotenberg, Roth, Rothbard, Ruelf.

S: Salomon, Samson, Sanger, Sassoon, Sattler, Schames, Schachner, Schey von Koromla, Scheyer, Schiffer, Schimek, Schlechter, Schlessinger, Schleyer, Schnapper, Schoenberg, Schorr, Schreier, Schuch, Schwarz, Schwarzschild, Sebag - Montefiore, Segal, Silberstein, Silverstone, Simon, Singer, Skowronek, Sondheimer, Sonnenberg, Speyer, Springer, St. Croix, Sternberg, Strauss, Strecker, Stein, Stern, Sternberg, Strauss, Stuart, Szax, Szel, Szinetar.

T: Tardeni, Tarn, Trott.

U: Uffenheimer, Ullmann.

V: Valenti, van Blitz, van Ham, van Ploeg, van der Rhoer, van Zuylen, Veit, von Auersperg, von Donnersmark, von Friedlaender - Fuld, von Koromla, von Mauthner, von Menehel, von Schey, von Wertheimstein, Voss.

W: Wallach, Wallerstein, Warburg, Wasservogel, Weil, Weinberg, Weiss, Wertheim, Wolff, Worms.

Y: Yorke.

Z: Zander.

The negative image of the Jewish banker incarnated by the Rothschilds

"" - T[248].

The figure of the greedy Jewish money-lender, represented in literature by Shylock, and later, that of the sinister Jewish financier or banker, became one of the mainstream arguments of nationalists all across the world (see Myths About the Rich Jewish Bankers) because indeed, people with money - Jewish or non-Jewish alike - after acting as nouvelle-riches for a while tend to become conservative and discrete, trying to appear little in public and keeping their own things for themselves. This has to do with the need for privacy and security but is often interpreted as suspicious by many.

Nationalism played a very important role in the formation of the negative - yet envied - position of the Rothschild name as well as others like Epstein, Speyer, Guggenheim, Warburg, Schoenberg which are indeed, related to one another. These banking families, and as we said, especially Rothschild became so influential that at one point they became unable to act openly, using their own surnames and brand names in mew markets: the representative of the Rothschild banking house in the United States during a good part of the XIX century was not a Rothschild himself, as they did during their expansion to the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Auth: Charles Lucien Léandre
"Le roi Rothschild" by Charles Lucien Léandre,
cover illustration for Le Rire, April 16th 1898,
from Wikipedia, public domain.

Because of the negative marketing that the Rothschild name attracted among political and nationalistic circles in the United States, a representative was sent on their behalf. Thus, Aaron Schoenberg migrated from Germany to North America, but since his own surname was known to be associated with Rothschild and knowledge of his arrival to the east coast would trigger an alarm among competitors, he had to change his name to August Belmont. He also became a Christian in order to enter the social circles appropriate for conducting business and married with a daughter of the Hazard - Perry family. Aaron Schoenberg wasn not just an employee of the Rothschilds, but also a relative of them (see Aaron Schoenberg) and in the process of changing his name, he recalled the oldest, original variant of Schoenberg, which is Belmonte, but giving it French undertones in the "Belmont" variant instead of the original Portuguese form (see Dom Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte)

Like in the case of other surnames, there are unrelated strands of the Rothschild; that is, people named so that have nothing to do with the banking household. However, several, or at least, the most important, Jewish banking families are in fact related (see Guttle Schnapper). Nevertheless, the Rothschilds in particular, and the mainly Jewish banking families constructed their wealth by a combination of competitiveness, business knowledge, a sense of opportunity and proper intermarriage seeking alliances (see Skowronek Genealogy)

Jewish bankers and financiers were very competitive and posed a significant threat to their adversaries; in many cases, banking families began using aliases or other names in order to hide their identities, like in the case of August Belmont, who was in reality Aaron Schoenberg.

What?! Alien Reptiles?!

The problem for Aaron Schoenberg is that his surname was inextricably associated to Rothschild, and if their potential competitors in the United States, when he arrived from Europe, ever realized that he was in fact a representative of the Rothschild banking house, they would not let him land on U.S. soil, literally.

As expected, Aaron became one of the most influential and wealthiest person in the United States. He played a key role in the evolution of the U.S. civil war by blocking loans that the confederates received using cotton as a collateral in the U.K. after their lost their main ports to their adversaries. Aaron Schoenberg convinced the Rothschilds back in England that the southerners would not be able to pay back the loans because having lost the ports, they would not be able to export the cotton with which they used to finance their war effort.

The Rothschild banking establishment suspended those loaning operations and promptly others followed based on the fact that if a Rothschild decided to do so, it was for a good reason. Hence, the southerners went bankrupt both militarily as well as financially while at the same time the textile industry in the U.K. plunged into a 15-year long depression.

At the end of his life, Aaron even began making strides in politics, particularly financing presidential campaigns, naturally following his own needs as well as those of his Rothschild associates.

This led to increased suspicion against Jews - especially the wealthiest ones - and this fact, coupled with a superficial knowledge of the familiar links among the Jewish aristocracy, which includes rabbinical dynasties as well, ultimately became the perfect ferment for conspiracy theories of world-domination plans, alleged Zionist confabulations against governments, the "Global Elite Conspiracy"[220][221] and so on.

So, if I had to take for serious what people like David Icke say[221.1], then the Rothschilds and the families related to them in one way or another like the Schoenbergs and hence us, would be of extraterrestrial reptilian origin, and the main argument for his hypothesis is that Jews have been depicted for too long as reptiles in cartoons and popular media[221.1]. More precisely, we would come from the constellation Draco in some sort of super cool spacecraft[221.1].

Too bad that my birth record says that I was born near Buenos Aires, but then, for some people of course, governments must surely be part of the cover up.

The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary.

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