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Buchsbaum is a fairly old surname within the extended family, with recurrent links between the XV and XX centuries.

"Asked to make a list of the men who have most dominated the thinking of the modern world, many educated people would name Freud, Einstein, Marx and Darwin. Of these four, only Darwin was not Jewish. In a world where Jews are only a tiny percentage of the population, what is the secret of the disproportionate importance the Jews have had in the history of Western culture?" - Ernest van den Haag[248].

The first records that we have of a connection between our extended family and the surname Buchsbaum are those of Meir Buchsbaum (?-1499)[1.299] and his son Beer, married to Gleichen Stangen. Their descendants, in turn, relate to the names Haas, Oppenheim, Grotwohl, Katz, Worms, Halphen, Ulf and Rothschild. These family names, in turn, are related to us.

The surname appears in Warsaw in the XIX in its original form, and also in the phonetic variants Boksbaum, Boksenbaum and Buksenbaum: Khaia Basia Buchsbaum (Boksenbaum)[1.302] married Hersz Salomon[1.303], son of Meir Salomon[1.304] and Laja Sendyk[1.305]. Nevertheless, the links between Buchsbaum and other families of the Gesinde begin at least two centuries earlier in Germany. There is an evident connection between the Buchsbaums from Frankfurt and Warsaw. However, the records of the XVIII century from Poland are incomplete at best.

The links between the Skowronek - Schoenberg family in Warsaw and Buchsbaum are indirect - i.e. no known marriages between a Skowronek or Schoenberg with a Buchsbaum - albeit various, thorough other related names in that city. One of such occurrences is that of the marriage of Szmul Goedel Blat[1.306] with Frajda Laja Fajnmesser[1.307]. Frajda was one of the daughters of Mordka Majer Fajnmesser[1.308] and Jente Sendyk[1.309]. However, the surname appears linked to Schoenberg elsewhere in Poland (see Schoenberg).

This is a list of several family names related to Buchsbaum and its variants[1][228]:

A: Adler, Aszenmil, Axelrod.

B: Bamberger, Berkowitz, Berner, Bloch, Braun.

D: Doctor.

E: Eisenberg, Enden, Enoch, Epstein.

F: Flörsheim, Fried, Frost, Fuklow.

G: German, Glanz, Goldschmidt, Goldstein, Gross, Grotwohl, Guterman, Gutman.

H: Haas, Hahn, Halpern, Hecht, Heilbrunn, Helfandt, Heller, Holzer, Horowitz.

J: Jakubowicz.

K: Kahane, Katz, Kaufman, Kleinberger, Koppel, Korman.

L: Landau, Lerner, Lustig.

M: Machauf, Mager, Marek, Margolis, Meisels, Moldauer, Morgenstern, Münzer.

N: Nagler, Naimark, Neuman, Nozyk.

O: Oppenheim.

P: Paryzer.

R: Rapaport, Reinisz, Reiss, Rosencwajg, Roth, Rothschild, Rothstein.

S: Salomon, Schachner, Schenker, Scherz, Schiff, Schoenberg, Schor, Shapiro, Silber, Slots, Sonderling, Sontag, Sperling, Stangen, Stern, Sternberg, Sternheimer, Sternreich, Strassman, Szafir, Szerman, Sztyfsohn.

T: Teitelbaum.

W: Wasserlauf, Weitzenhof, Weil, Weinberg, Weinsten, Welheber, Wertheim, Wiener, Wiesenthal, Worms.

Z: Zylberberg, Zylberstein, Znajmirowski.

As we have already stated, the name Sendyk relates to Buchsbaum thorough Salomon, which also relates to Skowronek directly. There are other indirect links like this one in the Warsaw area. for example, the Sendyk name is related by marriage to Glicksberg: Sura Rywka Sendyk[1.309] married Menakhem Glicksberg[1.310], and their nephew Mosze Zelik Glicksberg[1.311] married Rakhel Schoenberg[1.312].

The surname Buchsbaum, as we mentioned, also links to Rothschild back in the XVII century, with the marriage between Mosche Kalman Rothschild[1.313] and Schoenchen Buchsbaum[1.314] and at the same time, the surname Rothschild is linked to the Schoenberg family name (see Guttle Schnapper, Eger and Rothschild) and sum all of this up, Buchsbaum is yet another name that shows how these families have been together for centuries forming one single mega family or clan.

The Eger - Gans family, along with Markus and Buderus, Schnapper and Buchsbaum were instrumental in the formation of the Rothschild banking establishment which - you probably guessed - was more extensive than just one family with one name. These families provided the commercial backbone, the capital and network of influences that the then budding banking business of the Rothschilds needed as an initial push. Commercial banking even by then required, like today, of an established customer base, political clout and reputation among potentially large customers; those were assets that those families put together were in a position to provide. Not surprisingly, since then these have been tightly related.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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