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There are at least two links between the Schoenberg and Vanderbilt families; one is direct, thorough the marriage of Oliver Belmont and Alva Erskine Smith - Vanderbilt, and the other thorough the family of Benny Goodman.

"If God had wanted us to bend over, He would have put diamonds on the floor." - Joan Rivers[248].

One of members of the Schoenberg family that migrated to the United States was Aaron Schoenberg[1.315], a.k.a. August Belmont (see Aaron Schoenberg) who after establishing himself very well at the east coast, married Caroline Slidell MacKenzie Perry[1.316]. Despite that Aaron looked at the Vanderbilts in contempt because he considered them to be something like hillbillies with money and did the utmost to keep them away from the high society of New York, one of their sons, Oliver Hazard Belmont - Perry[1.317] married twice, with Sarah Whiting[1.318], and in 1896 to Alva Erskine Smith - Vanderbilt[1.319], who had been married to William Kissam Vanderbilt[1.320].

The other link comes by way of Alice Frances Hammond[1.321], granddaughter of William Douglas Sloane[1.322] and Emily Thorn Vanderbilt[1.323]; Alice was married to Benny Goodman[1.324] who was one of the sons of David Goodman[1.325] and Dora Rezinski[1.326]. Dora was the aunt of Abe Leon Stein[1.327], whose son Floyd David[1.328] was married to Barbara Finkelstein[1.329]. Finkelstein is a surname related to the Taub and Blat families in Warsaw, but in addition to that, Barbara was a granddaughter of Max Zweigenbaum[1.330]. One of Max's uncles was Szlama Zweigenbaum[1.331], who was married to Ita Danziger[1.332]. Danziger is one of the rabbinical surnames associated to the families Blat, Skowronek, and others that are related to the Schoenberg family in Warsaw.

Max was also one of the cousins of Leah Zweigenbaum[1.333], who was married to Eliezer Blat[1.334], member of the Blat family branch from Krakow and southern Poland. Max was also the cousin of Malka Goldberg[1.335], married to Efraim Klepfisz[1.336], from Warsaw.

In turn, Efraim was a great grandson of Khaim Goldman[1.337] and Golda Skowronek[1.338], whose cousin, Szlama Skowronek (see The Skowronek Bank Robbery) was my great great grandfather, not to mention that Dinah Schoenberg[1.16] was my great great grandmother and Khana Klepfisz[1.287] was one of my 3rd great grandmothers.

The Vanderbilt family was not Jewish but of course, conspiracy theory believers say otherwise, associating it with a plethora of intrigues and sinister plans for domination of the planet an beyond. Naturally, historians and psychiatrists tend to frown disagree.

Aaron Schoenberg, a.k.a. August Belmont.
Aaron Schoenberg, who despised the Vanderbilts.[191].

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