Thanks, Climate Change

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Pablo Edronkin

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As I write these lines, a tree is being cut down at home, courtesy of climate change.

I live in a mansion - quite literally - that is a century and a half old. All its owners planted trees and took care of its garden. Some of the oldest trees are cypresses that now reach more than twenty metres into the sky. These are as old as its house and once upon a time they marked the path thorough which coaches entered the property.

But about a week ago, an incredibly strong storm passed over Buenos Aires causing death and destruction in just less than ten minutes. It was so strong that after it passed, I went to the garden to assess the damage.

Garden chairs and tables were blown off, tree branches everywhere, animals were scared. Some people got killed not far from here. The garden was in disarray but as I passed by the tallest tree of all, I noticed cracks in the ground forming a perfect circle around it. There was a rope tied to it and to a nearby tree, used by me to practice a little bit of climbing. The rope had been cut. Thus, the tree had moved because its roots had been wounded. A 30 m. or so tall tree weights several tons and could fall; with its roots damaged and with an perceptible lean to one side is a very dangerous thing. It is a sure bet for a tragedy. So, there was no other choice but to cut it down, and that is what is going on right now.

A tree over a century old,which was here before the Titanic sailed, and before human flight became possible is dying. The eagle's nest that was near its top now lies in the garden. The countless birds that visited it each day now have one place less to go. And all thanks to a storm that should never have happened but now is a reality, thanks to climate change. Thanks to human stupidity - our stupidity.

The tall tree that appears on the right side of the picture at the end of the video is no more.

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