Letīs Visit The Nile River

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Pablo Edronkin

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The Nile has truly become the stuff of legends for the number and variety of tales, stories, adventures and even religious and historical chronicles in which, in one way or another, the Nile is involved, not to mention that its existence in itself is a treasure for the nation of Egypt.

Many of those stories regarding the Nile have been proved as historical facts indeed, and this includes some quite perplexing, like the chronicles of ancient Greek explorers who apparently found the sources of the Nile river, in equatorial Africa.

Despite the fact that the only proof of that is what the explorers themselves later told others, their chronicles describe things that in fact do exist where the sources are located, so it becomes evident that they did went there, over an extremely dangerous and difficult terrain.

There are other stories and hypotheses which are truly far-out, but that we should not reject just because they are indeed strange: one of those notions states that the sphinx found near the pyramids in Cairo is older than what is currently believed, and that it shows erosive patterns that are produced not by wind and sand, but by water. This hypothesis adds that apparently the sphinx was constructed where a waterfall was located, and indeed, that there was a water stream there.

Looking at the landscape today, it seem unlikely; however, it is a scientifically proven fact that the climate changed significantly in northern Africa in the last 10.000 years, and that the whole region was in the past more green and fertile. This means that water should have been more abundant than today; thus, there is at least a chance for that to be true.

But undoubtedly, what fascinates people more than anything else about the Nile is the part that it played in the history of ancient Egypt, and the riches of the Pharaos. Not all royal tombs have been found there, so there are still a few treasures to be found.

Navigating the Nile River.

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