When Everybody Is Wrong, Everybody Is Right

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Pablo Edronkin

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Too many people telling you things? Too many controls to let people enter your country? Too many complains? Too many friends leaving you? Them it might be that you are not so right after all.

There are no superhumans, neither there are supercountries; nobody, no nation, no culture is required for our planet to survive. We can be better doing some things and worse doing others, but no one is better than everybody doing everything, and no body is worse than all. No one has to play homage to us and there is no conspiracy among everybody else trying to fetch something from us. Such a chain of reason is plainly stupid but more common than desirable.

The Romans felt that they were far better than the rest, and they were destroyed by barbarians in the end. The United States exports democracy and is being defeated day by day by Iraquis after U.S. forces invaded and occupied their country for no reason other than a war of conquest. Even Argentine tennis players believe that they are better than others yet they fail to win the Davis Cup final game every time they get there.

But why do we have to think about such things if we want to flex our ecological thoughts? Very simple indeed: Because being presumptuous and arrogant makes us believe that we don't need to listen to anyone else, that we don't need to look around us and that's precisely the contrary of what environmentalism is about. When we start believing that we are better than anyone else we make not listening a habit and soon thereafter who may contradict us? And if we gain power at the same time, we get into one of the most dangerous mental traps in the universe. Humans cannot be totally controlled. People don't act based on some software programmable by powerful leaders; we can all be influenced or persuaded but we never lose our free will, so we might or might not agree with others. Powerful people may have more agreement than others because others follow their leadership but that's all, there is no blank check in popularity.

So, if you start seeing enemies everywhere, people who just seem not to understand you, "idiots" and "jerks" wholesale, if you start seeing conspiracies against you, if you feel that you have to be inside a trench with a helmet on, if your country begins to tighten its controls over who gets in or out, just pause for a moment and think that maybe, when everybody is wrong, everybody may be right.

You will never understand this if you don't understand people around you first.
You will never understand this if you don't understand people around you first.

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