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The God That Suffered From Depression

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Psychology and the ability to persuade are skills that were mastered in ancient times, despite the fact that we might not know anything about the ways in which our distant ancestors lived and solved their problems.

Clay tablets and hieroglyphs created by the Hittites, who lived about four thousand years ago in the Near East tell us about the legend of the god that disappeared: Indeed, Telipinu, god of agriculture and fertility one day woke up in a bad mood, and he even put his right boot on his left foot, so he grew extremely exasperated and left his domains.

Soon enough, calamities fell upon Hatti because its god had abandoned men and nature: the sky became dark, fires ceased to burn and everything became silent, including the animals and even the rest of the gods who became so alarmed with the situation that they began looking for Telipinu, but to no avail. In frustration, they sent an eagle to look for him, but the big bird could not find the absent god either. So, as a last resort, they sent a very small bee, but many doubted because they saw the bee as too small to accomplish what an eagle and the gods could not, but the bee went away and flew far away.

She finally found Telipinu sleeping on the grass of a faraway place: so the bee, wanting Telipinu to wake up began stinging him, and the god rose from the grass. But he was very angry because of the way in which the bee dared to disturb his sleep, and as a consequence, he sent even more plagues on Hatti. Floods began to occur, rivers disappeared, houses were engulfed in smoke, animals died and the sky became even darker.

Seeing that enough was enough, Kamrusepa, goddess of magic and healing decided to go personally and confront Telipinu in order to make him stop, and so she went and confronted him by pouring all over his body different essences, perfumes, milk and honey, until Telipinu was finally placated. And so he returned to Hatti and lifted all damnations from the land, the animals began to reproduce again, the sky received light once again and the people lived long and happily.

And as Kamrusepa shows, it is a good thing to learn how to heal problems and make the life of us as well as others better.

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