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Great Idea!... But I am Afraid of It?!

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Sometimes, when we have an idea or project, and when we initially take the initiative to do something about our aspirations we suddenly feel like if somebody just crashed in our party: we feel a sudden uncertainty and even fear. Whenever we think about something great to do then we also feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of our ideas and we ask ourselves how did we get into this? What are going to do? How do we start?

Things that are usually really big and complex projects sold to the do-it-yourself public, like kit planes, cars or boats, require a lot of time until completion. Building your own airplane from a kit can take you anywhere from 500 to 3000 hours of work, and that's a lot: five hundred hours is what people can devout to a hobby in a whole year. But those companies selling such kits, in order to continue selling, must make things relatively easy for their customers and one of the key aspects that they address very carefully is indeed, the way in which building plans, blueprints and tips are presented.

You probably can't imagine how many little pieces, bolts, nuts, rivets and other things re even in the smallest of aircraft, but you can bet that there are at least twenty thousand items even in the simplest of such projects to consider. So, making the life of the owner and builder easy is paramount, for people will tend in the long run to buy things that while not simple by nature, are not made even more complicated by a poor presentation. There are of course, those individuals that want to make every single little thing by themselves, but these are a group apart.

So, whenever you have an idea, think of yourself as the kit designer and the kit builder at the same time, and take your time to prepare a good presentation and planning to yourself. Don't actually begin with your project until you have laid the last of all blueprints. Then, start little by little, building or achieving first small and simple goals that constitute parts or components of your whole project: kitplane builders usually start with the tail, and not with the much more complex wings or cockpit of their aircraft. Do the same, try to do these small things and be especially careful at the beginning until you get the hand of what you are doing.

Once you have achieved a few small goals, you will also have self-educated yourself on how to persist and overcome.

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