Clichés: Enemies Of Thought

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Pablo Edronkin

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Using common phrases and words to describe or pretend to understand facts may derive into a loss of touch with reality.

"Life gives it, life takes away..."; I find overwhelmingly negative that phrase because it reflects a whole attitude of surrender in life that only leads to selfishness applied to others and oneself, that is, cowardice, and cowards have no value at all because they can have no virtues to defend. A man that thinks like this deserves to be reduced to a mere slave in his workplace; a woman who thinks like this deserves to be transformed into a submissive, baby-producing housewife. No leader whatsoever, no matter of what kind, could be worth its weight in flesh if he or she thinks that we are subjected to the avatars of life. If life takes away, then take from it what takes away from you!

This is a perfect example of a common cliché used by some people to explain different things like, in this case, a loss of something or someone without bothering to truly articulate sustainable arguments or explanations. It is an indolent way to deal with things, a very dangerous one indeed, that only leads to a baseless argumentative debate that solves no pending issue and promotes a scalable deception that affects in the first instance to those people that actually are delivered such excuses and ends invariable with the self-delusion of the one giving the excuses in a fashion quite similar and probably equal to what a consummated liar accomplishes by applying him or herself so committed to the task that ultimately becomes the only believer of his or her own stories and thus, takes a detour from reality that can never lead to any commendable destination.

It should be considered that clichés are particularly dangerous if used to judge superficially people from different cultures. Hittites never judged foreign gods.

We have to see things clearly before attempting anything because if not, we risk highly that nothing would work: whenever we see that dreams, projects or plans seem to go all wrong it is probably because at some point or another we err in our way to see reality. That's why it is important to attack clichés, because they blur facts, turning our perception of reality into mental laziness. Attempting to understand life thorough the use of clichés is like trying to learn what Shakespeare wrote by watching TV shows.

Thorough this page and those liked from it we will analyse diverse clichés employed at different levels because within the framework of regology, or the study of leadership dynamics, as we intend to define this science, we have to learn how bad deeds are achieved in order to preclude ourselves from falling into the same traps.

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