Cliché: Don't Tell Me How To Live My Life

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Pablo Edronkin

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We have to teach if we are asked to, but we are always more fortunate whenever we can learn from others; so, to think that one cannot learn from others is to condemn oneself to disgrace.

It is very fortunate to be successful and after waking up every morning, instead of preparing breakfast for a couple of ravenous kids just sit to have a sip of mate and ask yourself something like "Bentley or Rolls this year?"; for me, being able to seriously ask myself such things is something that I am grateful for every day, despite the fact that I am neither a Bentley nor Rolls Royce buyer for several reasons which have nothing to do with the lack of capital; by the way, I have no psychopathic kids to feed and survive. Maybe some could say that I have little modesty if I state that I am better than most, but I would say that I have, at some point, taken better decisions. However, at that point I realised that what is important about the power to be free in such a way is not to do what you want actually but to feel able to. Becoming successful is not about spending, but feeling the joy of true liberty to think, work, spend, travel, buy or even die in your own terms.

As for the reasons for not buying Bentleys or Rolls Royces, let me tell you that:

- Roads in Argentina are not always the best, so cars like those have sometimes limited use. In the case of this country and Australia, in the past, Hispano Suiza made quite an impact because they sold the same category of cars but better adapted to rough roads.

- I prefer to be discrete and don't like to be seen the way common people look at those being driven in such vehicles.

- I am not particularly interested in cars, speaking in broad terms.

- I don't want to leave snobbish all-terrain vehicle users with an inferiority complex at the supermarket (If Hispano Suiza would produce their vehicles again, I would rethink this pious policy.)

All this started the day, while I was still a teenager, when I took my first girlfriend to a forest near home to make love for the first time. When we reached the indicated spot on Earth and I we all set, I suddenly realised that love is a lot of things in addition to pure sex. Imagine the scene: A blond teen with a truly perfect body, still a virgin, crazy about me and I crazy about her... It is not that we spent the afternoon debating about Platonism, but it was different to what I imagined and none of a disappointment but much more than I bargained for initially. That was one of the most beautiful lessons life thought me and this one guided my activity in every realm so far: Keep your mind open and don't focus on a single idea, no matter how attractive it might be, so that when you reach your ideal, instead of sitting on it you will be able to go further.

Speaking of success at large, no matter whether it is on a small or a large scale, petulance can take quite a hold of the mind and a lot of people enjoying such a position - which may be temporary, always remember - tend to reject the advice and opinions of others in a profligate manner designed to deceptively allow the successful individual to do what he or she wants on sheer impulse. Getting drunk on success means not being able to manage it; it is a very bad quality that can easily take anyone to total destruction, even if success means just doing fairly well every single day of a common life. In other words, it is when we feel better and most successful when we need to listen more carefully to the advice of others.

It is true that some people pretend with pure petulance to teach others what to do, and it is indeed true that there are self-styled, condescending teachers of everything in life. But whenever you hear the cliché that starts with something like:

- "Don't teach me how to..."

- "It's my life..."

- "Mind your own life..."

And so on, you can rest assured that you are witnessing yet another sad - in the end, invariably - case of a person that believes that he or she alone can and should "dictate" what to do in their own life. Independence is good, freedom is okay, but reckless is not like being free and independent. It is a travesty of those values, and as such requires a certain mental scheme of thought by which the person will never listen others. Of course, the case you are witnessing will end in tears, as such arrangements usually do, so be aware and beware.

Of all existing clichés this is arguably the most dangerous because if someone remains crippled as to the capacity of understanding variety, differences and other points of view, if that person is unable to receive sincere advice and process it, that individual is taking a sure road to the Leuctra of every person far too sure of its own.

An by the way, don't get me wrong: Bentley and Rolls Royce create stupendous cars.

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