Leadership And Exploration

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Pablo Edronkin

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The history of exploration and expeditions is filled with good and bad examples of leadership from which very useful lessons can be extracted.

Human conduct is undoubtedly ruled by human nature; we behave like human beings because we are humans and not dolphins, regardless of our social position or the time in which we live. Stories about love, greed, patriotism, curiosity and so on exist since the first Sumerian literary cycles were created, and such stories always deal and develop around certain basic themes most of the times, that repeat thorough the ages.

In this sense, the relationship of rule as a process within groups and societies, something that we call "leadership" is determined to a great or the greatest extent by what and who we are. These are universal, perpetual principles that are intrinsically related to our natural evolution. Indeed, if we were dolphins we would lead in different ways because the environment of our lives would be very different. For example, dolphins never sleep with their two brain hemispheres compromised in the process like we do. Instead, they sleep in stages, meaning that while one brain hemisphere is asleep, the other is keeping watch fully awake. This leads to better control not only of vegetative function, but those related to navigation, lift and buoyancy within the water. Plus, such a state of continuous awareness is better for detecting enemies and thus, for guaranteeing the survival of the species.

And one of the ways to understand how human nature influences leadership consists in studying historical facts from which it may be possible to learn lessons on leadership by attempting to understand how different leaders reacted to the circumstances that they found during their command. Thorough this page that we recommend you to add to your favourites if you are interested in the topic, you will find different stories related to practical cases of good and bad leadership thorough the history of expansion and exploration. Just take a look at the links listed in the left column.

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