Why should we accept self-criticism as part of our lives?

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Pablo Edronkin

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If we want to lead in any field and if we want our society to function properly, it is essential that we know how to correct our mistakes.

Courtesy costs nothing but gives everything, that's what is so difficult for some alleged leaders to understand and even us, because frequently, when we behave without regard to others, we think that since we think that we are right that gives us some special kind of power to inflict pain or anger in others as we show our relative force to them. This, of course, wrong, but also ctotally inefficient since it produces further inconveniences, delays - often because the discussions have us bogged down for a while - and enhanced or additional errors, since in a state of exacerbation, with a full load of adrenaline, the decisions made are often not the best.

It is quite common to believe that shouting is showing authority, but it isnīt. It is only a way to wake up sleepy people and collect new enemies. It also a way to cause even more problems because it makes us err in some of our basic expectations: You canīt expect to get good things in life by behaving badly. You canīt expect positive results with a negative attitude.

Ahtletes and explorers should be keen on self-critique.

There is much talk about the reasons for failure. Why do things go wrong, is it life against us? Is it a conspiracy against our efforts, projects and leadership attempts? The answer couldnīt be simpler: The more you fail, the more self-critique you lack, because that's the way to improvement. To err is human and every cause of failure can be a learning and correction, but only if there is capacity to learn, which means having the ability to listen and then get a good dose of self-criticism on your mind.

Living is like climbing a mountain; you will have terrible moments and disappointments, you will fear and feel the cold, but you will also get your rewards in the end. For some, the reward would be just a view from the side, while others will reach the top. But no lcimber can expect to get on top of a mountain making a dispal of infelxibility. Even the best-laidplans have to be adapted because of the weather, changes in the trails you have to follow, more snow than expected, less snow or whatever. If you just make your plans and then put a big "nyet" in your mind regarding any possibility of change, you will almost surely be left just where you didn't want to find yourself.

Simply nature; dawn in early fall, Patagonia.

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