Sincerity In Distress: The Things That Crises Show

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Pablo Edronkin

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The recent events regarding this apparently new form of flu called swine fever, as well as what happened during the much-hyped war against terrorism left societies naked in hypocrisy.

Several countries suspended all scheduled and even incoming flights from Mexico to their international airports. Even panic began to show and there were several rows of political and diplomatic bickering. The Mexican government, it is fair to say, did not help solve the crisis by showing a particular degree of exaggeration in their counterarguments against the countries that were enforcing those suspensions: As the Mexican president did in other cases, he evaded the issue under debate by attacking the other nations in other realms of management, seeking some soft spots and literally, exaggerating up to the level of lies with his excuses.

In other words, common people can now witness how leaders really are a special sort of club of incompetents and liars more interested in trying to gain some selfish edge rather than solving the problem at hand.

And then, there is true prejudice: Something similar or with the same undertones happened shortly after the attacks on Washington and New York, back in 2001: For a while, all flights within the United States were suspended. There was no way to move buy air, not even if an aeroplane had to transport to receive medical treatment, save for one exception: A plane chartered by the government of Saudi Arabia to help leave the U.S. A group of relatives and associates of the Bin Laden family, exactly the kind of people any budding Sherlock Holmes would like to interview before anyone else regarding the whereabouts of their naughty boy.

In both cases, racism, chauvinism and prejudice surfaced in the form of absurd travel prohibitions that based on available proof have very little to do with any intention of survival, or to keep public health or security in a reasonable position: Today, as of this writing, there are cases of swine flu in the United States than in Mexico yet, nobody ever suggested closing the borders or suspending the flights coming from there.

Simply nature; dawn in early fall, Patagonia.

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