P. Edronkin

The Alleged Theory of Intelligent Design Does Not Belong To Science, And Not Even To Religion

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In recent times, certain people undoubtedly associated with a religious agenda has been promoting an alternative view to Darwin's theory on the evolution of species and indeed, on the origin of life as well. This people is trying to make it appear as if their points for view were scientific, but they are in fact, religious and have nothing to do with natural sciences:

First of all, just consider who is doing the talk and what they are saying: the Rev. Pat Robertson, one of the main sponsors of the so called 'intelligent design theory' has more or less sent to hell those who don not embrace his views in the matter, and this is the same person that once said that feminism is an excuse for practising witchcraft, and that the United States should murder the president of Venezuela, Mr. Hugo Chavez. These are clearly religious and medieval arguments; they have nothing to do with science.

Then, consider to what scrutiny the sponsors of this alleged theory submit their ideas: primary schools in the United States. No academic tribunals, no fellow researchers; they are trying to put it in school libraries, not in colleges for review. This ins not science, for if it were, we would be qualified to say that 6-year old toddlers know more than folks who got their doctorates after decades of study.

And then, this alleged theory states that life must have been created by an intelligent being, but who created the intelligent being? Evidently, a deity; so this is a religious argument, and not a scientific one. As a religious argument it is perfectly acceptable because everybody is entitled to believe in anything; as pretended science, it is worthless.

And this makes it evident how dangerous is to allow people to intentionally manipulate differences between politics, religion, science and such different aspects of human knowledge and activity; the creationist movement, aside from being medieval at hearth is a dangerous thing for society, not because they believe in God, but because they try to manipulate that belief and use it to lie.

We as explorers, try to know more about our world, but we have a duty to tell the truth about what we find; this people behind the so-called 'Intelligent Design Theory' profess their love of God but are really bad people, and this can be seen by the very fact that they are trying to put it forward as what is not, lying and attempting to deceive, promising punishment for those who don't accept their ideas and manipulating truth. We can't accept that children may be brainwashed by such a lot; if parents want to teach them religion, that is okay, but these crude, subdued attempts to shape other people's thoughts since childhood on the basis of lying have nothing of science, and nothing of religion and love for God; it is just fanaticism.

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