P. Edronkin

The History Of An Adventurer's Game: Poker

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Poker is an icon of Americana: it is a game immediately associated with the United States and especially the cowboys and adventurers that roamed the lawless Far West. There are many different versions and tales that pretend to tell the true origins of the game: what is sure is that in the United States - concretely, in the state of Louisiana - it evolved into the game that we know today around the third decade of the nineteenth century.

The main problem with the history of Poker is that there is a serious lack of documentation: modern casinos appeared in France around three hundred years ago, and these can be used to trace with reasonable precision the evolution of those games that were incorporated into them right from the beginning, but unfortunately Poker was not among them. It evolved as a popular table game that only later, as casino managers noticed the interest of the gaming public, found its way into these establishments. A similar thing happens in the case of some other games.

Only in the case of the few ones that were promptly chosen by the aristocracy - especially in Europe - that was at least educated enough to write some sort of chronicles we know certain origins, like in the case of Baccarat. Poker, indeed, is a true people's game.

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