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Keno, From The Night Of Time

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The precise details about the origins of this popular game and gambling excuse for many are not clear: it is an ancient form of lottery, albeit a little bit more complicated and certainly very related to its cultural genetics: the game comes from ancient China. It was already popular there long before the Great Wall was built, and apparently originated as the great Cathay culture began evolving until it became one of the most important of the world.

Playing Keno is in fact gambling, and that marked the history and evolution of the game: in its traditional form it was even used by the Chinese Emperors to collect money, and as they had control of the rules and characteristics of the game and wouldn't let anyone make modifications for fear of transforming it into an easier game to play, it remained unchanged for millennia, literally. However, as Chinese workers began to migrate to the United States in large numbers, mainly during the second half of the nineteenth century and in order to work in the construction of the first railroads, the game entered a new continent and naturally, it was only a matter of time until things began to change.

So it was adapted to the tastes of the U.S. public that found it pretty entertaining but a little bit arcane; so it was simplified somewhat. Plus, in order to escape the eyes of authorities, it was adapted in order to make it look like that playing Keno wasn't gambling at all. The game can arguably be considered as part of the world's cultural heritage, and despite that many don't accept it because gambling causes rejection in many cases, it has nevertheless a wide army of followers and enthusiasts.

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