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Fast-step back into an era of laughter, dancing and great bingo games.

Roaring Twenties Bingo. Click on this picture to download and play!

Click on the picture to download and play!

"Roaring Twenties Bingo" is an advanced bingo game from Real Time Gaming that allows you to bet on up to 100 cards per draw. A "Wild Ball" will hit the middle spot on each card in play if it is drawn, giving you even better odds of hitting those winning patterns. And an optional "Extra Balls" feature allows you to draw 5 extra balls, increasing your chance to really win big!

Completing a full card will award you the Maxi Progressive Jackpot, while the Major and Minor Progressive Jackpots are won at random. With great prizes, jackpots, variable draw speeds and the ability to play multiple cards and draws, this is a bingo game that everybody can enjoy. Get your dancin' shoes on and give Roaring Twenties Bingo a try!

Multiple Maxi Jackpots

When playing multiple cards, it is possible to win the Maxi Jackpot multiple times.

If multiple cards award the Maxi Jackpot in the same game, the first card will award the indicated progressive amount.

The subsequent winning cards award 10,000 times the Minimum Bet Per Card.

Jackpot Reset Amount

Major $5,000; Minor $1,000; Maxi $10,000 (expressed in USD and may vary for other supported currencies).

Progressive Jackpot

A Full Card wins the Maxi Progressive Jackpot.

The Major and Minor Progressive Jackpots can be won at the conclusion of any game.

The Major and Minor Jackpots are triggered at random.

Progressive Jackpot wins are added to other wins.

Random Jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of total Return to Player.

Bonus Feature

Roaring Twenties is an advanced Bingo game that allows the player to bet on multiple bingo cards, up to 100 cards.

48 balls are then drawn at random from a 91 ball pool consisting of numbers from 1 to 90 plus a wild ball.

Pressing the "Play Extra Balls" button doubles the Total Bet and Draws 5 additional balls after the regular draw takes place.

If the Wild Ball is drawn the centre spot on every card is hit.

Press "Turbo" button to accelerate the speed with which balls are drawn.

Roaring Twenties Bingo. Click on this picture to download and play!

Click on the picture to download and play!

Patterns Payout

All prizes are multiplied by the Bet Per Card.

Highest win only is paid for non-line patterns.

Multiple line wins are also paid if not part of another pattern.

Up to 100 cards may be bet per draw.

The bet is replicated for each card played.

Currencies Operator selectable for all of the following: USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, ZAR, PHP, PEN, PLZ, CNY, MYR and RUB.

Download the software and give it a try!.

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