Messi and his sex parties: does that speak bad about him as a human or us as gossipers?

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Pablo Edronkin

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In recent days there were news about Lionel Messi's sex parties... don't we have anything better to do than to comment on other people's lives?

Really, honestly, how come that what an adult person does in his private life becomes so important? Messi had an exotic party... so what? Good for him, if he enjoyed it, but it is a private matter.

Yet, news of the event were on several newspapers, blogs and news sites around the world, meaning that people are interested in such things, and then, that money is being made out of that. All in all it means that we people are really more morbid than we think, and while freedom of expression is a great thing to have, sometimes we should remind ourselves that liberty always comes tied to responsibility.

Our world is a marvellous place, there are many things to explore, to learn, to see. There are of course also large issues at stake that are not especially funny to look at but need our attention, like dictatorships, global warming, crime, poverty and corruption. So, why pay so much attention to someone's private life? Especially if one considers that many would certainly like to have such a party at home!

While the Roman Empire still existed, gladiators were killed in bloody shows while crowds gathered to feast on their suffering. Seneca, who lived near the Flavian Amphitheatre (Rome's colosseum) wrote several times about the terrible thing going on there. He even went as far as stating that slavery was a bad thing. He wasn't popular there, and ended badly. Actually, slave trade was a very lucrative activity, and it remained so until the industrial revolution many centuries afterwards (See Slave Traders).

Now, many centuries have elapsed but we still behave like a mob? We should have made some progress by now. If we like Messi, let's discuss his talent as an athlete, the way he makes his team win, or why people from Argentina and Brazil are so wonderful footballers, not what he does in his spare time. Let's rejoice on his deeds in each match and feel grateful for having great players, franchises and teams, and leave aside their private lives for which we are not equipped to judge. At least make a bet on some of Messi's matches and earn some money! We can do better than judge others as a society.

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