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Egypt: A Tale Of Survival Of 5.000 Years

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Egypt is one of the oldest nations existing in our planet and has been thorough a series of paradigm shifts in religious, political and ethnical terms that would have wiped out more than one state of normal resiliency. But Egypt has so much historical and cultural significance in our world, and its identity is so remarkable, that wiping it out would be impossible and the nation managed to survive for more than five thousand years, so far. It is indeed, a case of survival against all odds at a grand scale, just like the pyramids and other monuments that the ancient Pharaos ordered.

But aside its ancient facet, we can recognise various other stages in its history, and each one of them is important for our world: Egypt has been occupied by Greeks and Romans at one time. The, the Copt Christian stage came about and unfortunately, it did not mean quite a good thing for the country or for Western civilisation, for it rapidly evolved into a Taliban-like fanaticism that wiped out the ancient culture and its hieroglyphs - the last ones were written about 395 A.D. -, caused the destruction of the magnificent library at Aexandria, and these deeds are considered as the beginning of the Dark Age. Later on, as European and Christian power weakened in the region, Muslims took over and changed the country in religious, ethnical and cultural terms. It has been a good or bad thing for Egypt, depending on how you look at it: however, it defined Egypt as it is now.

Several empires controlled it at one time and another, and all left their marks: Napoleon Bonaparte's expedition found the Rosetta stone and made it possible for Champollion to decrypt the ancient writings; the Ottoman Turks had it once, as well as the British. It was sacked by these nations, but Egypt also benefited with public works like the Suez canal. In more recent times, Rommel and Montgomery fought epic battles for its control, Faruk and Nasser did some really weird things, the Six Day War took place mostly over the Sinai and Gaza and Anwar El Saddat's peace with Israel marked the country's modernity.

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