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Adventure In Europe? That's Not Possible, Or Is Not Adventure!

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Europe in general and the European Union in particular are overpopulated. There is people almost anywhere you look, perhaps with the exception of Sweden and to a lesser extent, the newest U.E. members. You can go skiing, sailing, flying, mountain biking and so on, but as fun as those activities could get, you will always remain in fields, tracks, airspaces and places that have been prepared to look natural, for there is little natural left in Europe.

If you go skiing, the 'fresh' snow is just fresh from the machine that makes it. If you look at the sky, you will see it clear if there are no clouds… and no aircraft passing over. If you go sailing, you will feel like you are in a motorway almost all the time, for the rest of the boats of the continent will be around you. Climbing means waiting your turn under the rock wall, until the group that came before you reaches the top and goes to the restaurant that it is up there, and once you are climbing, you can use the steps and steel cables kindly laid for you and then thousand visitors per month. You can ponder about the fact while you look below, at the vehicles that go around your mountain, on that perfectly laid road.

Sorry, but that is not real adventure; if you visit Siberia, Mongolia, Patagonia, the Yukon or places like that you will get a taste of the real thing. What is available in Europe now is a product for tourists, a scenario like those made for the opera: you can bet that even a good deal of the plants that you wind on your way up or down have been planted there because the original ones are long gone. Indeed, anything is better than nothing but authenticity is also preferable to a copy or reconstruction.

Today travelling is not so expensive as it was before: with knowledge of a foreign language and some time for your holidays you can get to know what real adventure looks like. Europe is very nice for its culture and the landscapes as seen from a hotel window, but unfortunately, the real landscape doesn't exist anymore.

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