How To Make Smog Appear in Malaysia (II)

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Pablo Edronkin

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When winds come and the inversion ceases to exist, al the particles trapped then become diluted into the atmosphere. The thing is that under natural conditions, smog is rarely visible, but due to the growth of giant cities (megalopolis), the equilibrium of the atmosphere becomes somewhat degraded in very localised areas. Smog always existed: forest fires, volcanic eruptions, dust storms, etc. can cause it; however, these events have nothing to do with the artificial smog produced by human activity.

Malaysia is developing, and we think that this maybe the moment of truth for mankind, because as this country, many other emergent economies - as we call them now - are taking similar steps.A couple of centuries ago, Western countries were industrialising, and the result of their inexperience led to a great extent to the actual environmental conditions, such as global warming and the greenhouse effect that we all talk about. These emerging economies need to compete and grow; it is unavoidable. Thus, we can all help these nations do so in a better way.

European countries, the United States, Russia, etc. made - and still make - a lot of mistakes regarding industrialisation and so-called progress; the countries that now are in the doorstep of development can either follow the same steps or make something different; we have history to learn from. If they do differently, they will become an example for the rest of the world; if they do the same, the results could be disastrous because as what regards to environmental damage, we humans would be adding insult to injury.

So we think that as travellers to the region, keep your minds open - something that anyway we have to do when dealing with different cultures - and try to collaborate to make the most of our world, getting to know the population and making them know you and your culture, instead of just going to some tourist resort and getting drunk.

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