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Religious beliefs could prove essential for survival.

Believing in anything religious is a very personal thing that could be easily singled out as ostensibly illogical because religious in general are not based on scientific, proven grounds, sound empirical arguments and so on, and what's more: To think that Jesus could arise from the dead or Muhammad could fly to heaven are ideas that people not warned in advance about their religious nature - meaning that they should be respected - could easily take for ridicule. Let's put it this way: What would you think if someone came to your home saying that a given politician has risen from the dead or a labour union leader has flown straight into the clouds of a late afternoon sky?

Religions belong to a different set of thought systems, other than rationality, but they are equally respectable and even more powerful than pure reason. The notion of soul and an ethereal world - the basis of all religions - is at least one million years old, much more than any scientific or political idea. Such ideas are not part of science, they are not easily verifiable - or not verifiable at all-, but arguably constitute the strongest set of motivational arguments that any human being has. That is what is known in Christian doctrine as faith or devotion, and allow people to do things that are thought impossible.

Under survival circumstances, religious ideas have become even more important as motivational factors than the desire to see relatives again, material ambitions and any sort of logical arguments. Thus, the value of religion and religious ideas as a factor that could influence the odds of survival of any person in distress should not be underestimated: religious books are probably as useful under such circumstances as are good survival manuals, so including one with your survival kit might not be a bad idea at all.

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