P. Edronkin

The New Babel Tower And The Frankenstein Twins

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Within the context of our present day, global culture, corporations and governments are striving to acquire total control over people; both are acting against religious teachings and are contrary to God's will.

They truly pretend to rule by omniscient knowledge: companies use every possible means to survey what consumers - they don't call humans "people" anymore but define them on the basis of what they pretend them to do - prefer and buy, while government agencies in countries as diverse as Iran, Argentina, The United States, The United Kingdom and Venezuela are penetrating every little corner of human life by keeping a computer eye on bank accounts under the pretence of fighting money laundering, and placing CCTV cameras on every street. We have a "Big Brother", that is the government, and a "Big Sister", which is also known as the economy.

Our world is not ruled anymore by nature, by God's teachings, the morals that children used to learn in popular-wisdom and folkloric tales; we are being ruled by this sort of Frankestein twins that pretend to permeate every corner of our existence while believing that they could replace God as the source of all truth. I am not a fundamentalist, but even if you don't believe in a physical God you still can coexist with it as an ideal, and such an entity will always be preferable to a stock market or a mundane police constabulary where anonymous agents watch people going on the streets.

Governments and corporations may argue that what they do is legal; after all, it is governments that make the laws and corporate lobbies that use influences to tailor them to their interests. Common people simply cannot do that; so, no matter whether you are a good Christian, Jew or Muslim, what governments and corporations are doing goes against your religion because it is not only politically dangerous to let them have what they want. It is also presumptuous behaviour in the face of God and we don't need to go deeply into theological argumentations to see this: Remember the story of the Babel Tower.

If you are a true believer, no matter what religion you profess, what governments and corporations are doing goes against your God, as simply as that, and it is not only sinful to accept or tolerate it, but it is your duty to use all the means available to you to oppose this destruction of our world, both materially as well as spiritually.

Supporting such governments, even by just voting them is a sin. Accepting the interference of official agencies in terms of eavesdropping, reading your bank account details, or letting corporations study your private choices and preferences are sins too. Don't become an accomplice in this raping of truth.

God didn't gave your free will so that you would use it to vote politicians who would love to manage a police state, neither the Lord gave it to you so that you would express it by going to the supermarket. Remember that or truly, be damned!

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