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The Creation Of The Ugly

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Public servants were the objects of scorn and derision in humoristic as well as religious ways a long time ago already, when the Sumerians ruled in the Middle East; so tells us the myth of the creation of the ugly, and if even such an old myth derided public functionaries, it must be for a well-founded cause...

According to this ancient myth Enki, God of fresh water was awaken one day by the Goddess of the deep waters, Nammu, his mother, who immediately began to complain about the harsh labour tasks imposed on the Gods during those days.

Enki, who later became the father of Marduk, who in turn received immense homage by humans in the form of an imposing ziggurat, soon became fed up with all the talk brought by his mother and so he promised her to find soon some kind of solution, and he did so.

He gathered other Gods and along with seven more he drew a plan: They would create some goons out of mud in order to serve the Gods and do their labour. For that, they gathered mud from the bottom of the waters between the shores and the deep seas; so the human race was created.

Then Enki, pleased by his achievement organised a party t celebrate the fact that Gods no longer had to work so much every day, and after all the eating and drinking his wife Ninmah, probably a little drunk then, challenged Enki by saying that she could make better humans. So the God took the challenge and promised his wife that he would give a place in society to every mud being created by Ninmah, if she could ever produce one.

After dawn Ninmah went to work and tried to reproduce the work of the eight other gods but being alone, she could naturally not do better and so her production was limited to four freaks, a sterile woman and an eunuch.

Perhaps as a practical joke, or perhaps because he promised so, Enki did give a place in society to each one of his wife's beings: The four freaks were sent to the streets as beggars, the sterile woman became a concubine, and the eunuch, a public servant.

Then, the gods foud that amusing and began to do the same, producing yet more mud figurines until dusk, and then until the next day, and then, they went on and on because every time some suggested that they should stop more food and liquors appeared in the banquet; so in the twilight between the stupors of alcohol and divine hang overs, the world began to fill up and still does, with all sorts of ugly monsters.

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