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When the Internet saw the public light it soon became a new mass-communication media for the middle class filled with promises and potential, an enhanced speed and usability, as compared with other traditional media, as well as a significantly enhanced potential for freedom of expression; after more than a decade since the advent of the world wide web, it has become a market on its own where the laws and rules of economy apply, where there are monopolies, shareholders and a lot of things that oddly, the first users of the web were running from.

Internet has become part of our daily lives, just another thing where things are sold and purchased like in any other market; it is even used by terrorists and political groups to spread their propaganda messages. But despite all these more or less evident problems, the Internet continues to grant the highest possible degree of freedom of expression, something that is beginning to falter among news media in these days, in general.

The great corporations that now own TV stations, magazines, newspapers and so on work under the paradigm of business: they exist to make a profit, and they do so by selling a product, which is information in their case. Now: in any company, employees are not allowed to speak badly about the company's products. Thus, it becomes self-evident that journalists trying to tell something will be censored in one way or another if what they say contradicts the business plan of the corporation where they have a good, well-paid job.

In this global economy where the only thing that moves freely seems to be money for big corporations while people have to endure long waits at airports, ridiculous visa requirements and even more absurd biometric passports - I don't think that terrorists trying to attack a country will feel deterred by such things, especially when they can cross a border illegally -, it is important that individuals speak out and say what they have to say, for bug media corporations will say only what sells better: just remember the embedded journalists that went along telling how the U.S. army was magnificently and superbly crushing the resistance as they invaded Iraq, only to find that resistance fighters were just waiting… and now that things have gone sour, the enthusiasm for 'shock and awe' and Nintendo-like war reports has faded and nobody wants to remember that shameful loss of journalism objectivity.

So we here at Andinia believe in the use of traditional websites, forums, blogs, wikis and all that stuff, not because they seem cool, but for the way in which these technologies help us express our opinions, even in the case of opportunistic individuals who try to use them for foul purposes, for the majority of people are well behaved and cronies are soon seen as just what they are.

People who feel they should defend causes like our environment, animal rights, human rights, education or any sort of ideal have now no excuse to say what they have to say.

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