Lessons From Karal (II)

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Pablo Edronkin

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In relatively recent times some ruins were discovered in northern Peru. These remains belong to what is considered to be the first civilisation of that modern-day country and arguably, one of the most ancient in the whole world: Karal.

This civilisation grew and flourished thousands of years ago and expanded itself over a vast area, from the ocean coasts to the Amazon jungle across the Andes. It was not a small accident of history or a social peculiarity because Karal attained a vast geographical dispersion as well as an extended existence of over fifteen centuries.

Archaeologists were left in total bewilderment at first because they could not find any signs of armies and wars, thought to be characteristic of human evolution. As they dug deeper and explored the ruins of Karal they were unable to find fortifications, signs of destruction or fight in any form.

The only plausible conclusion is that the people of Karal had no idea whatsoever about war and territoriality. They simply were there and went on their usual businesses.

Indeed, Karal eventually faded into history but it didn't happen because it was a feeble society when confronted with their neighbours, or due to some bloodbath that surged from the oppression of any sort of ruling class. Natural resources were simply extinguished and like any healthy organism, life slowly ebbed away from Karal.

But I think that we can forgive these Neolithic men for not knowing what we do now about natural resources and the environment.

Neverthelss... We go on exploring.
Neverthelss... We go on exploring.

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