The Nanosecond Utopia

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Pablo Edronkin

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I know, the texts in this section are quite delirious and you may be asking yourself if I am gone fishing, but these pages are just mental exercises into randomness; nothing serious unless you want to find seriousness somewhere; I write things like this because writing is to dream, not in a metaphoric sense but a very real one, for when most people dream they toss into their minds, deluding their senses, quite a lot of mental relics restored into various degrees of deformity. Some other beings are able to do that in ways such as to express their inner realms of hope for different rules in their universe by creating sculptures, paintings, even writing, like me. Some of us who dream in creation go a little bit further and actually create stories, not just images, and stories told are universes created.

So in a way more real than you might think storytellers are indeed gods because they put in motion things which are stories different from theirs; I do so by building a stone labyrinth step by step, stone by stone, but no matter how you get inspired, anytime you create a new realm alive either with minerals at a convention or interstellar knights you are creating life that stays frozen - or so we think - as long as those stories remain silent and untold. They become alive - or so we assume - in the mind of the listener. This is not quite scientific, I know, but as real as universal laws before the physicists that will explain and quantify them. We have not enough knowledge of parallel realities as what would be required to explain the facts using the scientific method. In other words, readers and listeners still are short of the mental ability to realise that in actuality they are not just reading or listening to something, but making the clockwork move. If you find any sense in these essays and stories well… I would say that you would put any machinery to work but bear with me, for this is not a drill.

Sometime in the past I got tired of life for good in reality because it is basically a novel from which everyone has read the last page; the only room you have for your last trip outdoors aside from the inside of your coffin is to be loved or hated in the end, and that's it. Being mad at least leaves you room to write your own last chapter, and at least in your mind, your own universe, things can go the way you really want; go dreaming and you can go anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Why bother studying to become one of those wise monks of the sand when you can just imagine it? Why end up in a coffin when you can attain immortality within the confines of your skull? Why bother facing reality when you know the end? Why bother about anything at all when you can have the whole world just by cranking up the imagination? You can abandon yourself to starve - which indeed, saves you money - and in the last fraction of life you can attain immortality just by imagining it. Life is really an overrated expenditure of resources in almost every case. Only if that were possible...

Provided that you acquire the necessary skills the only effort you will need to make, you know, is to bring your mental scenario up to life adding details like when you build one of those model ships and you put one little thing after another using drops of glue and tweezers. Of course, trying to get to the last second of absoluteness takes practice, so I began doing escapades that first took me to mundane small talk with washing machines and imaginary friends, like in the case of any amateur of madness, and then to really new worlds that in no way resemble ours - I wouldn't even call them worlds, but you wouldn't be able to grasp the concept then, so your simplicity is what keeps me from giving you anything more than a shadow of what you could also experience, because even the preconception of what a madmen sees and feels is based upon stereotypes that pretend to mirror some form of normality; the true mad doesn't even touch or see, but feels everything with every sense at the same time. There is only one sense in alienation.

And so I found out that the key to success is to really become a pro in this job, like - if you live on Earth - in yours up in that cubicle, with your email given by an university or corporation that seems to look you more important than you really are within the scheme of things. Someone as important as your irrelevance becomes extremely proficient at being nobody thorough all the pages of your own book of days, and in a similar way, I became a virtuoso of everything you reject, including the absence of time, which is a perception.

In the realm of no time there are no memories at all and no predictions; everything is happening now, good or bad. There is no measure of correctness because there cannot be any retrospective to look upon your deeds; everything is perfectly good and perfectly bad. Take time out and your problems will cease to exist. Everything is infinitely big and small at the same time; atoms join together to form molecules, and these crystals, and then crystals go into bigger shapes that ultimately become one universe expanding that at the same time is shrinking as crystals suicide into molecules and these into atoms. Everything is together and afar, because even an embrace that happens as you run towards each other is also at the same time a farewell, a disc played backwards that plays the symphony well while the musicians have not even met for the first time.

Going into such a realm takes not only navigational practice but the development of a capability to witness the infinitely small and the infinitely big at the same time, I know, but I didn't when I found out the way in. The biggest exploration of my life, to nowhere and everywhere was as much of a rush and a thrill as when you drive a car for the first time when you were 12 years old. But then, as anyone venturing there I found out that as you explore you will face dangers that will test your survival capabilities; the only difference to what we know about survival techniques is that you will be faced with scenarios that you cannot even think of.

But then, if you do all what is required and you learn how to walk over slippery realities you will, in the end, reach the last second, the most important one of your life. People perceive that fraction of their time alive as a moment in which all their lives pass thorough their eyes and in a way, perhaps with an instinct that goes far beyond our animal nature and was nurtured by stardust before the solar system existed, that resembles somehow to that nanosecond utopia in which you can attain immortality at last.

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