The Sound Of Memories

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Pablo Edronkin

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When you are in the middle of some memorable activity like travelling abroad during adolescence or early adulthood, like in the context of cultural exchange programs, it is important to leave behind good memories for yourself and others.

Travelling, exploring, discovering things, fighting and struggling over obstacles are things that define the explorer and traveller that moves around for something more than just fun or the intention of quiet holidays. It is then important that while doing these things we do not let down anyone and thus leave good memories behind for ourselves as well as others, because as we shall see briefly, memories are often stronger than they seem.

Over time memories transform themselves into more important than the acts they represent because even a year-long trip abroad, which seems quite extensive, will last for a while and then end. But the memories of that year will last for a lifetime and not only for the person involved directly into the initiative but for all those around too. If an 18-year old exchange student goes back home after a stay across the world and lives for about seventy years more, then the memories of that experience will become seventy times more powerful and capable of having influence over that person over the whole life span. And if we add the memories of relatives, host families and so on, those memories, examples and horrible warnings will become about two hundred times ore powerful than the original year-long event.

Betray someone once and you will betray yourself a hundred times.

As memory blurs and turns itself fuzzy with time passing by, the memories that remain seen with the most clarity are those that either did shine with the best sunlight or were painful as red embers tossed upon us. Even Aristodemus vindicated his disgrace in the name of memories. This simply means that the force of memories and their influence is hundreds of times stronger than any act performed during our lives. The echo of what we do will remain even longer, so it is up to us to make it sound like a melody instead of just noise or screams.

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