Are aliens coming in UFOs giving us part of our technology?

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Pablo Edronkin

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It is a common belief that aliens coming from UFOs directly or indirectly gave the world key technologies... but did they?

Why would anyone say so? Why would anyone believe that things that for the core of our world today, like fiber optics and computers, would come from another planet? Some technologies are amazing and were a couple of years ago the stuff of science fiction; it is hard for some individuals to understand how things evolve from simple ideas to material things, and some people simply do not understand how science and technology evolve. Thus, they look for alternative explanations for things they simply are unable to understand. But there is nothing surprising about these technologies that allegedly came from an alien culture, and how that stuff works can be explained both scientifically and in layman terms, so the principles underlying them are quite well understood. So, why, if humankind understands those things, some people assume that no human could have invented them.

The answer is: belief beyond rational thinking. When someone wants to believe, other forms of thought take the backseat. But that doesn't change facts. First of all, there is no tangible proof that aliens visited us, period. No matter how much anyone wants to believe that, there is no acceptable proof of such events, no aliens came forward and said so, no one came down of a flying saucer to be taken to any leader of any sort. In order to prove that any sort of technology comes from outer space, you first have to prove that some sort of information came from there, in any form. Where is that?

Where are the bits of crashed alien spacecraft from which to reverse those technologies; if they exist, then reverse engineering might be possible, but before stating such a hypothesis, the first one has to be proved, and you do that by publishing evidence accepted by the scientific community, which is composed by thousands of very intelligent and talented people from around the world who are hardly gullible enough to take part in any sort of global conspiracy. By the way, the pundits of the global conspiracy idea do not have a clue about how hard it would be to make governments, military men and scientists agree for decades on the same topic. Not even most scientific theories hold their ground that long, much less a worldwide conspiracy when political and military alliances change all the time…. Unless you also believe that there is a central government lurking in the shadows, mastering the rest of humanity like puppets. Yeah… Well… where is it then, because if it comes to just believing, the thought of a giant turtle holding a flat world over an infinite ocean seems more traditional and romantic to me. Or shall we say that the world will be eaten by a giant star goat?

Without tangible proof, that is what you get.

Just look at your local congress or parliament and you will get an idea of how difficult is to make leaders agree; just look at some marriages - perhaps even someone you know - to see how difficult is to make two people agree. So, making everybody agree seems rather unlikely. Then, add other factors such as language and different strategic ideas, and you will get an approximate idea.

Since all of those technologies have scientific basis already quantified and explained - i.e. you can read research and development papers of all kinds related to lasers, fiber optics and so on - their nature is known. That is, we know how to produce them, be they of alien origin or not. Thus, if we know them we can produce such things; if we can produce such things, we could also have come-up with those ideas without the need of aliens in the first place. So, while what I am saying is not proof that aliens didn't helped us on these topics, it is proof that we could have come up with them entirely on our own because we have proved able to understand their underlying scientific principles. Thus, these are not and never were unattainable technologies.

Then, considering that the normal pace of technological evolution in humankind seems to have been produced on our own and there is no widely-recognized evidence of alien tampering - not even by astrobiologists, who are scientists devoted to the quest of finding alien life - it is not the case that - epistemologically speaking - the lack of tampering ahs to be proven or else we would default to the assumption that aliens helped us, but the contrary.

On the other hand, some of such stuff such as lasers and fiber optics are very easy to understand, very simple technologies in fact. In the case of fiber optics, what was needed in the first place was an adequate development of glass and optics production, and that has been in place in our world for centuries. Inventing a computer is in fact far more complex than coming up with a laser or optic fibers, and it has been proved beyond any doubt that the first concept of a computer is owed to Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, and that such a concept was refined well over a century until during WWII the first digital computers were constructed. Thus, inventing things such as those technologies is well within our capabilities with no further assistance.

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