Gambling And Sex In Space

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Pablo Edronkin

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Outer space is still a privilege, only for a few, but as years pass and the activity evolves, new problems have risen and others will rise in the future, for the concern and enjoyment of space travellers and their sponsors.

Travelling to space and exploring it is a very, very costly proposition these days: Save the true specialists trained by government agencies, only a few very wealthy individuals can afford the expenses implied in any orbital excursion. Space tourism is still unreachable for the average citizen. Plus, the environment of a space ship or space stations is highly controlled and there is no true privacy there.

However, over time space activities evolve; now there are many countries capable of developing some sort of aerospace industry, be it in the form of satellite manufacture, astronaut training or whatever. Indeed, it is to be expected that such activities will increase in the future and at some point, the proposed colonies on the Moon and Mars will become a reality. And then a new set of problems will come into being.

No matter how controlled an environment is or it is supposed to be, there will always be exceptions and anomalies. If distances, lapses of time and isolation increase, such as in any foreseeable, deepening expansion in space, aspects other than just astronaut training will emerge, eve those that could potentially cause problems or disrupt a mission. For example, what could stand in the way of a man and a woman alone in Mars? What kind of regulation could possibly prevent them from having sex or even developing a serious but unscheduled relationship? What could prevent a couple of astronauts living in a moonbase from playing poker? And betting on it?

And if what is assumed that will happen in a somewhat more distant future really takes place and spaceships will begin ferrying settlers to other worlds, there is no guarantee - and could not be that contaminants, infections, criminals and smuggled products will go along. So far, space exploration is associated with the best in humanity because only the smartest and strongest take part, but time will change that and our true human nature will begin to spread thorough the solar systems and eventually, other stars.

So, in some time what we really are and not just what we expect from ourselves will reach space. It is odd, but the appearance of the first prostitute or the opening of the first casino or gambling house in space will also be a "first" because it will be the first time that our true human nature will reach space.

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