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What Determines The Height Of The Tallest Mountains? - The Everest is the highest mountain on the surface of Earth and is still growing higher as the Indian subcontinent pushes northwards into Asia, and for geophysical reasons, mountains in our planet could not grow much more than that.

Many of Asia's glaciers are retreating as a result of climate change - This retreat impacts water supplies to millions of people, increases the likelihood of outburst floods that threaten life and property in nearby areas, and contributes to sea-level rise.

Glacier and Ice-Sheet Melting, Sea-Ice Retreat and Coastal Erosion Expected as a Result - Temperature change in the Arctic is happening at a greater rate than other places in the Northern Hemisphere, and this is expected to continue in the future.

Recent Quakes Cause Pause: Emergency Managers Remind Public to Revise Disaster Plans and Refresh Emergency Kits - They're little, but they're out there: shallow quakes of 4.0 magnitude and below, startling residents up and down the coast from Oregon to Alaska, and across the Rockies into Idaho. Some aren't that little-a recent series of quakes along the Blanco Fracture Zone off the Oregon coast ranged from 3.7 to 5.6. Some aren't that shallow, witness last week's 2.0, seventeen miles below the Seattle Urban Area. According to FEMA Regional Administrator Susan Reinertson, the spate of temblors is no cause for alarm, but no cause for complacency either.

Ancient Mineral Shows Early Earth Climate Tough On Continents - A new analysis of ancient minerals called zircons suggests that a harsh climate may have scoured and possibly even destroyed the surface of the Earth's earliest continents.

NASA Finds New Type of Comet Dust Mineral - NASA researchers and scientists from the United States, Germany and Japan have found a new mineral in material that likely came from a comet.

The Baluchitherium of Chapman Andrews - The idea that monsters do exist comes probably from the finding of fossil remains long before their original was scientifically explained for the first time, around 1850 when the science of palaeontology was born, but aside from the fact that we know the origins of those bones turned into stone, they don't cease to fascinate us. Moreover: dinosaur fossils are extremely valuable, surpassing millions of dollars in net worth.

Exploring Or Robbing? - We should not confuse explorers with tomb robbers; a person who explores may have different goals, including finding a fortune, but keeps within the framework of a certain type of ethics.

Science Or Scavenging? - The most extraordinary way to win the lottery - or something like that - is to find a new or valuable fossil from an unknown or barely studied species: A well-preserved dinosaur skull can easily command prices ranging into millions of euros, but that's not necessarily good for science.

Stories About Our Natural History - One of the topics that fascinated me the most was the history of Earth, and this is why here I present you some links to pages where we tell about things that might seem as mere details to some, about the evolution of some species and changes in our world, but that in reality, show the unsurpassable elegance of things.

Creationism Is A Belief And Not A Scientific Theory - Creationism is absurd, but not because it contradicts a scientific dogma like the ideas we have on the evolution of species, but because it pretends to force reality to fit a model of beliefs.

Creationism Versus Respectable Science and Belief - I think that what is true is simple and does not need neither so much activism nor twisted interpretations of science, law and so on; if creationism is unable to convince the modern human about the origin of life, it may just be that it should be forgotten altogether as a way of respecting both science and belief.

The Alleged Theory of Intelligent Design Does Not Belong To Science, And Not Even To Religion - These crude, subdued attempts to shape other people's thoughts since childhood on the basis of lying have nothing of science, and nothing of religion and love for God; it is just fanaticism.

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