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Is The Quest Of Alchemy An Impossibility To Explore? - Alchemists dedicated their lives in order to attain two main goals: eternal life and a method to produce gold; according to our current knowledge in physics and chemistry, both things are unattainable but is that so or is it that nothing is impossible?

The Riches Hidden In The Interior Of Our Planet - It is interesting to speculate about how much we could probably win by gambling, but at the same time we are standing in a world full of riches that we are perhaps unable to discern; within the arcane world of those interested in geology and all its related sciences, there are some more or less serious hypotheses related to that.

NOAA-led research team takes measure of the variability of the atmosphere's self-cleaning capacity - An international, NOAA-led research team took a significant step forward in understanding the atmosphere's ability to cleanse itself of air pollutants and some other gases, except carbon dioxide.

NASA Confirms Liquid Lake On Saturn Moon - NASA scientists have concluded that at least one of the large lakes observed on Saturn's moon Titan contains liquid hydrocarbons, and have positively identified the presence of ethane. This makes Titan the only body in our solar system beyond Earth known to have liquid on its surface.

Ancient Mineral Shows Early Earth Climate Tough On Continents - A new analysis of ancient minerals called zircons suggests that a harsh climate may have scoured and possibly even destroyed the surface of the Earth's earliest continents.

Science Or Scavenging? - The most extraordinary way to win the lottery - or something like that - is to find a new or valuable fossil from an unknown or barely studied species: A well-preserved dinosaur skull can easily command prices ranging into millions of euros, but that's not necessarily good for science.

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