The Myth Of The Lethality Of Guns Of Higher Calibres

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Pablo Edronkin

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Military And Combat Survival

Lethality in the case of weaponry si simply its ability to kill; firearms can all kill and thus the debate over the performance of each calibre is really less relevant than you think.

There are weapons that are more lethal than other because it is easier to kill with them. Even a fork or a brick have some degree of letality but with such objects it is not as easy to kill as iti is with a pistol, a sword or a machine gun.

Firearms should all be considered lethat regardless of calibre: A .22 cal or a .45 bullet are capable of killing in the same way, and the final results will indeed, be also the same if shot with a killing intent. The idea that one has more stopping power than the other is really a myth: If you kill someone with one shot of a .22 or a .45, you stop that person altogether, in the same way.

It is true that one delivers more energy than the other and that there are variations in the way that energy is delivered to the target depending on the bullet´s design and other factors, but all of them are capable of killing and a precise shot of a small calibre gun has even more effectiveness than a shot from a large gun in the hands of someone less experienced, aimed at a less significant part of the body. Anything moving torough the air faster than ninety metres per second can make a hole in a human skull and this is capable of causing immediate death; all modern bullets do that.

Calibre and design do have influence on the terminal effects of any bullet but it should be assumed from the standpoint of combat survival and as a general rule that all bullets kill, period. Indeed, there are a lot of considerations that are made each time a military or police force chooses a weapon as their new standard but that is because of the complexity of long term contracts involving political, legal and strategic factors. Indeed, choosing a weapon and its calibre is not a simple process but for the sake of those interested in learning how to survive in combat the thing is really simple: All bullets kill.

Training to make the best possible use of a gun and precluding others from making the same against you should you your main goal, and not discussing about the relative effects of big calibres.

Would it be worth to debate what calibre is this?... It kills certifiably.
Would it be worth to debate what calibre is this?... It kills certifiably.

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