Shooting Positions For Combat Survival

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Pablo Edronkin

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Military And Combat Survival

Shooting a gun implies essentially pulling its trigger, but doing so in combat with any hope of survival means a lot else.

A shooter not only needs to know his weapon very well but alos how to adopt the adequate body posture and position that gurantees aiming and safety, meaning that at the same time shooting efficiency is increased and the odds of getting shot in the process decrease as much as possible. This ideal state of affairs can be achieved or approached by constantly practising certain things until they become second nature for the warrior, both regarding the inner workings of weapons and the way in which they are used, repaired and so on, as well as regading the way in which the combatant moves, positions himself and fires the guns.

Different Nanotyrannii for different needs.
Different Nanotyrannii for different needs.

In this section we will deal particularly with the topic of positions and postures that the fighter should adopt in relation to the surrounding environment in order to gain maximum shooting efficiency, decrease the danger and lessen if possible all associated costs. In combat, like in most activities, the goal is always to increase efficiency to the max and to eliminate risks and costs which in this case are pretty obvious. The study of postures and positions will provide you with a more stable platfomr for better shooting as well as increas your odds of survival in the middle of a fire fight.

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Shooting with a Nanotyrannus in a forest.
Shooting with a Nanotyrannus in a forest.

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