Articles and Comments - Survival / Surviving Human-Made Disasters

How to recognise and avoid human-made disasters, accidents and other catastrophical events.

NOAA: Past decade warmest on record according to scientists in 48 countries - Earth has been growing warmer for more than fifty years - The 2009 State of the Climate report released recently draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that our world is warming is unmistakable. More than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries contributed to the report, which confirms that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.

Conflict Diamonds... Bloody Diamonds - In some regions of the world, under extreme conditions for survival, thousands of people work in slavery and infrahuman conditions to satisfy the hedonism of some and the lust for war of others.

The Human Factors Of The Bestiary - The study of the incidence of human factors in accidentology, survival and aviation should not be limited to the environment defined by the crew or passengers; instead, it should encompass even very ignorant people capable of perpetrating accidents on their own despite their apparent lack of connection with the system.

The Survival Of Tyre - Tyre is an ancient city in southern Lebanon that can teach us a lot about the survival of its inhabitants as well as the town itself.

Learning Survival From Historical Mass Destruction Scenarios - Consider what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York, and then multiply that destruction until it really kills or wounds almost half the population of the city, and then, repeat the same task for almost every city in the world; that was the Black Death, and we better learn from it in order to save ourselves from a similar fate, either by natural causes or man made, by terrorists.

Islam Can Improve Its Public Image Worldwide - By acting in a violent way and exactly as what they pretend to criticise, Muslim fanatics put their own arguments at the same level that what they allegedly reject, and that puts them, by definition at an equally low or even lower level, for having seen something worn, instead of improving thins they embrace destruction.

How Religious People Learned To Gamble And Avoid Taxation - One of the ways in which commoners sought to acquire fortune bypassing the economic system of late medieval times, taxation and other kinds of fines, bribes and so on was by gambling.

The Contradictions Of Hamas-Like Groups - Are the Palestinians and people like them well served by such entities or these are the source of most of their troubles?

How Ingenuity Saved The Life Of A Pope And The Political Structure Of Europe - For the medieval mind, the fact that the Pope himself could fall victim to God's fury would have been utterly devastating, and it almost happened.

Surviving all possible planetary catastrophes - In the long run we will all be death, right? Maybe not, but what should humankind do in order to survive in the millennia to come? This question is not just something that has religion as its reference point, but actually science.

San Andreas Fault Mysteries Begin to Unravel - Differences in seismic activity along the San Andreas fault appear to be related to strength variations in the lower crust and upper mantle, as suggested by new findings in the Dec. 1 edition of Nature.

An introduction to survivalism (I) - A description of survival as a discipline and a complement to your outdoor activities by a seasoned patagonian explorer.

Spate of Large Earthquakes Not Related - The magnitude-7.2 earthquake on October 23rd in Turkey and the magnitude-9.0 quake that impacted Japan in March are leading many to wonder if these events are part of a larger global trend toward giant earthquakes. After combing through 110 years’ worth of global seismic records, USGS seismologist Dr. Andrew Michael concluded that the recent increase in the number of large earthquakes may just reflect random occurrence.

Your adventure footwear (I) - Some advice about trekking, adventure and mountaineering footwear.

Preventing dangerous situations (I) - Basic rules for preventive wilderness survival.

Survival tips and advice: Dehydration (I) - Some precautions that you should observe regarding weather during any excursion.

Survival advice: Waterproofing (I) - How to turn your clothes into waterproof garments.

Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (I) - A set of logically consistent steps for surviving any accident or disaster.

Human Factors - An aircraft is not an isolated entity within the environment; airplanes, helicopters and so never fly on their own but are managed by crews, are under the jurisdiction of regulations that work within vast systems in which many different organisms and people take part.

Tips For Storing Food Reserves In Urban Areas For Survival Purposes - Being in a city doesn't guarantee that survival will be easier for anyone, if compared to what has to be done in the wilderness: on the contrary, cities and urban areas present their own problems and oddly enough, their inhabitants are often very ill prepared to deal with emergencies.

Bunkering: Stealing And Smuggling Oil In Nigeria - Why study and learn what an assortment of crooks id in the past? Certainly, not to applaud their crimes but knowing a little bit more may help us learn a little bit more about urban survival techniques, what works, what doesn't work and why.

Urban Survival: Is Your Government On Your Side? - The belief in the democratic system along with patriotism give strength to this supposition; however, the way un which the international financial crisis is being managed seems to prove that sometimes there are exceptions.

Health / First aid, wilderness emergencies - Outdoor activities always entail some risks to your physical integrity. Learn about the techniques and suitable behaviour for surviving emergencies and disasters.

Survival / Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival - Practical articles on the characteristics of nuclear, biological and chemical mass-destruction weapons, how they work and how to avoid their deadly effects. Their relationship to terrorism and pollution.

Survival / Survival Tales - Articles telling histories and tales about real survival experiences.

Outdoor Activities / Survival / Shelters and Bivouacs - How to build simple ones or full-sized, lodges, cabins and stone houses, useful for lengthy stays in isolated areas.

Survival / Combustibles and Fire - How to improvise combustibles outdoors. How to survive in a fire. Tips and techniques for making camp fires.

Survival / Personal Defence and Martial Arts - Articles related to self-defence and martial arts with or without weapons: paintball, combat survival, courses, etc.

Survival / Combat Survival - How to stay alive and survive in a war or armed conflict. Being a civilian does not preclude you from knowing how battles are fought and won, for in this way you may save your own life.

Survival / Combat Survival / Guns and Weapons - Advice and recommendations on choosing and handling weapons.

Geography and Outdoors / Navigation and Maps - Learn how to navigate using maps, a compass, gps systems or simply by observing natural formations. Find your way whenever you get lost in the wilderness.

Take care of your provisions - Always take with you more provisions than those that you will really need.

Get the right knife - Wilderness tips and advice: get the right knife for your trips.

One knife is not enough - Wilderness tips and advice: one knife is not enough for survival and outdoor use.

Aluminium for survival - Wilderness tips and advice: use aluminium foil as a survival tool.

Lighters as survival tools - Use lighters instead of matches.

How to repair things using wire - Metallic wire is quite versatile as survival gear.

A brief reflection on the meaning of extreme situations - Something to think about the meaning and lessons that arise from extreme situations.

Tips For Surviving Queues And Long Waiting Periods - Queues and long waiting times may appear when there is a product of service in very high demand for which there is a very low processing capacity; this happens in the case of artistic and sports events, bureaucratic tasks or duties, the collapse of banking and financial institutions, badly managed electoral events, etc.

Disaster recovery also helping endangered whooping cranes - This past winter, several winter storms knocked down thousands of power poles, taking out miles of line and jeopardizing the safety of thousands of North Dakotans who were left without power in frigid weather. As efforts were made to restore power and rebuild the electrical infrastructure as well as mitigate against future damage, there was an unexpected beneficiary - the whooping crane.

FEMA Asks: Are you earthquake prepared? - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials are urging residents to become 'Earthquake Prepared' by exercising a few safety measures to help prepare themselves for earthquakes and hazards of all type.

Mold May Be Present After Aug. 4 Flooding - Mold is an ever-present problem following storm flooding and can be a significant health risk if care is not taken, federal and Commonwealth officials warn.

When Wildfires Rage: Prepare, Stay Informed And Evacuate If Directed - Sustained record-breaking temperatures have raised wildfire hazards throughout the Pacific Northwest. With wildfires burning in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state, FEMA Acting Regional Administrator Dennis Hunsinger encourages at-risk residents to prepare for the worst, stay informed on local conditions and evacuate if instructed to by fire or emergency management officials.

FEMA Urges Caution For Those Returning Home After Wildfires - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) urges residents and business owners to take extra precautions when returning after wildfire-caused evacuations. Dennis Hunsinger, FEMA Acting Regional Administrator for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington warns that unseen dangers may linger long after the flames die down.

Crisis Counseling Can Help Disaster Survivors - The heavy storms, flooding and mudslides of early May caused a great deal of destruction in West Virginia. Many homes and businesses were damaged, and some individuals were unable to work. But the losses that are most difficult to measure are the ones that destroy a person's peace of mind.

When Disaster Strikes, Protect Your Pets - Flooding disasters don't just affect people - they also affect pets, and pets depend on people for their safety. The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advise that the best protection for your pet is to plan ahead.

A Hurricane Can Vary Its Path Sharply In A Short Time - Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. They can strengthen tremendously in a matter of hours, taking coastal residents and experts by surprise. There is no guarantee they will follow the path predicted by computer models according to state and federal emergency management officials.

Evacuating With Your Pets - Family pets should never be left behind in an evacuation. As families in evacuation areas prepare for hurricane season, they also need to plan for the family pet according to state and federal emergency management officials.

Warm Weather Throughout The Pacific NW Fuels 2009 Fire Season - Ample moisture and cooler temperatures for Alaska and Pacific Northwest states may keep 2009 fire potential in normal ranges, but after multiple weeks of warm weather, fuel supplies are drying out.

Unanchored Fuel Tanks Dangerous to Residents, Homes and Businesses - One of the most dangerous situations following a wind storm, flood, tornado or other disaster is dealing with fuel storage tanks that have been ripped from their stands or pads.

FEMA Statement on Formaldehyde - FEMA acquired travel trailer, mobile homes and park models from a variety of retail and commercial sources in good faith and fully expected all units to comply with all relevant industry standards, best practices and regulations.

Start with the Roof to Rebuild Stronger for Protection from Wind Storms - Nebraskans are no strangers to damage from tornadoes and high winds. But each home damaged by tornadoes and severe storms presents an opportunity to rebuild safer and stronger, say experts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Take A Holiday From Disaster-Related Stress This Weekend - The long Fourth of July weekend offers an excellent opportunity to take a break from the stress and intense emotions caused by the recent storms, tornadoes and floods.

Children Can Be Especially Affected By Disaster-Related Stress - The stress and disruption caused by natural disaster may affect children more than anyone, according to mental health experts.

Preparation - The Best Defense Against Severe Storms and Tornadoes - The best defense against tornadoes is making preparedness a priority. Severe storms and tornadoes can approach quickly, and there may be only a short amount of time to make life-or-death decisions. Advance planning and quick response are the keys to surviving.

Recent Quakes Cause Pause: Emergency Managers Remind Public to Revise Disaster Plans and Refresh Emergency Kits - They're little, but they're out there: shallow quakes of 4.0 magnitude and below, startling residents up and down the coast from Oregon to Alaska, and across the Rockies into Idaho. Some aren't that little-a recent series of quakes along the Blanco Fracture Zone off the Oregon coast ranged from 3.7 to 5.6. Some aren't that shallow, witness last week's 2.0, seventeen miles below the Seattle Urban Area. According to FEMA Regional Administrator Susan Reinertson, the spate of temblors is no cause for alarm, but no cause for complacency either.

Basic Wildfire Survival - The threat of wildland fires for people living near wildland areas or using recreational facilities in wilderness areas is real. Dry conditions at various times of the year and in various parts of the United States greatly increase the potential for wildland fires.

Basic Urban Fire Surival - Each year, more than 4,000 Americans die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented. Direct property loss due to fires is estimated at $8.6 billion annually.

How Public Assistance Works - In 2011, Connecticut was hammered by severe weather, resulting in three major declarations and two emergency declarations. The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Public Assistance (PA) program provides supplemental federal assistance to local, county and tribal governments, to state government agencies, and to certain private nonprofit organizations, all of which must meet specific criteria.

Regions, Continents and Countries - Articles, essays, comments and tales about different regions, continents and countries of the world dealing in each with case aspects of their society, culture, economy, geography, folklore, history, regional products, sports and outdoor activities, and other things of interest fot any traveller.

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