Urban Survival: Your Money Is Not Safe In a Bank And Your Government Cannot Be Trusted To Oversee The Financial Industry

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Pablo Edronkin

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Historic evidence show that save some very few exceptions like Switzerland, no country offers true safety guarantees for people who want to keep their savings in a safe place; crooks, financial agents and even governments seize and expropriate that money from time to time.

Banks appeared a long time ago because it was assumed that keeping money there would be safer than at home, and it was true to a certain extent and for a while. When the banking industry became regulated and as the financial industry evolved, banks became more vulnerable around the world. There is really no guarantee than past attitudes that a government may not seize the money contained in the bank's vaults and accounts, that crooks may not take advantage of the situation or that the very own banking executives may not decide to invest the money trusted upon them by thousands in ventures that are not safer than actual gambling.

What happened in the world since 2008 with many "sophisticated" financial products that meant the fall of very important financial institutions shows that while banks might protect your money from the occasional thieve that goes into homes at night or pick-pocketing at the streets of your time, but will not protect it against themselves. Promises of regulations that would do the trick in your favour are not believable either, because for every new law, norm or regulation there will be always a new trick or walk around to defeat it, even legally and according to accepted accounting practices. After all, the crisis of 2008 started in legitimate banks doing legally accepted operations; the problem was the very nature of those investments. Then, there is the problem that the sate represents: It is a danger in itself. If your state, as represented by your government, would ever need your money, its agents would seize or freeze it. They do that all the time with people, companies or other governments with which they have some sort of feud or legal issue.

Government regulations overseeing the financial activity of banks appeared to avoid fraud and scams, to improve taxation and lately, to hamper money laundering. There is indeed the need to act in all those fields but just think that none imply a better service to you, the common person, because if fraud comes to be, you get nothing in return - not even your money (just think Enron, for example,) taxes imply taking more money from you and despite all the altruistic talk about the need to finance society as a whole, the fact that governments are almost all the time drowning in debt means that leaders care very little about society and its healthy finances, and in the third case, if you get nothing from money laundering then it is not your business. In other words: The construction of the financial system was never done according to the needs of the common people, and since that is not the case, emergency devices have not been designed to save people like you either.

In reality, modern government, legal and financial institutions behave much like in past centuries. See these historical examples:


The Mother of All Mistakes - During the last years of the XV century and the first of the XVI, Spain and Portugal expelled the Jews that wouldn't convert to Christianity, losing quite a fraction of the educated, wealthy people of their countries and precluding the advent of the industrial age two centuries later; it wasn't a coincidence that at the same time began the rule of the Inquisition, which lasted until the XIX century and massacred thousands of innocents, censored ideas and persecuted dissidents, people with different religious beliefs and free thinkers.

The Easter Massacre - The plague has been ravaging the city of Lisbon since January, it was Easter, 1506 and people blamed the Jews for it; some survived hiding in the homes of people who offered help to them or by fleeing the city, but after two days, more than two thousand men, women and children, and even their pets, have been murdered, including Joo Rodrigues Mascarenhas, the uncle of Maria Andrea Mascarenhas, my 13th great grandmother.

Samuel Oppenheimer, the Oberfaktor - Samuel Oppenheimer was a German Jew who amassed one of the biggest fortunes of all times; he acted as court banker, diplomat, arms trader, patron of the arts and collector.

The Real Jud Sss - The Nazi propaganda film Jud Sss was loosely based on the real life story of the life of Joseph Sss Oppenheimer; a masterpiece of hatred brainwash anti Semitic pseudo art.

Guttle Schnapper - Credited for once saying "Nonsense... my sons would not allow it" when asked if there would be a war, she was the daughter of Wolf Schnapper and Bella Gans, who in turn, belonged to the Gans family from which Rabbi Akiva Eger Gans and many of the Schoenbergs of Warsaw descend; Guttle was also the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

In the Business of Armies - The Napoleonic war meant disaster for millions of people in Europe, but also an opportunity for those ready to make good business.

Our Conspiracy? Are You Sure or Just Being a Moron? - Has anyone ever proved that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an authentic document using research-standard, scientific method techniques? Certainly not, and on the contrary, there is enough evidence to condemn that publication as a fake, a forgery much like the man of Piltdown, the Hitler Diaries and other esoteric, pseudo-scientific stuff; however, that pamphlet has altered the lives of millions and influenced the business of our family.

Jzef Skowronek - Jzef Skowronek (1884 - 1940) was a very successful banker killed by the soviet NKVD as part of the Katyn - Lvov mass murders.

Myths About the Rich Jewish Bankers - The conceptual figure of a Jewish banker is riddled with myths and misconceptions; generally, Jews, and especially those perceived to be super rich are seen with envy, which derives in suspicion, fear and hate.

It is assumed that such actions are always taken according to the law and by court orders, but again, evidence shows that such is not the case: Ask what happened with the savings of millions of Argentineans in 2001 or thousands o Icelanders in 2008. Their respective governments just froze their money and they virtually lost everything, and in both cases that didn't happen because that people made any blunder. In fact, the mistakes that led to such situations were made by the same banks that used to hold that money, and the governments that seized it because they failed in their policies.

Regarding your money, don't trust banks and don't trust your government. Don't wait until such things happen to you and learn from the painful experience of others because it will be cheaper for you. Stay independent.

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