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The Mother of All Mistakes - During the last years of the XV century and the first of the XVI, Spain and Portugal expelled the Jews that wouldn't convert to Christianity, losing quite a fraction of the educated, wealthy people of their countries and precluding the advent of the industrial age two centuries later; it wasn't a coincidence that at the same time began the rule of the Inquisition, which lasted until the XIX century and massacred thousands of innocents, censored ideas and persecuted dissidents, people with different religious beliefs and free thinkers.

The Age of Discovery and its Financiers - Starting in the XV century, the age of discovery was a period of extensive European exploration of the world that included Columbus' trip to America, the feats of Vasco da Gama, Cabral and many others, but someone had to pay for the whole thing, and – perhaps you guessed – there were Jewish financiers backing it all up.

Samuel Oppenheimer, the Oberfaktor - amuel Oppenheimer was a German Jew who amassed one of the biggest fortunes of all times; he acted as court banker, diplomat, arms trader, patron of the arts and collector.

Survival Tips For Economic Disasters - The dawn of civilisation meant the apparition of urban survival scenarios: today's world requires learning also how to survive in the middle of financial disasters both at a national as well as a global level. Here you have some advice.

Conflict Diamonds... Bloody Diamonds - In some regions of the world, under extreme conditions for survival, thousands of people work in slavery and infrahuman conditions to satisfy the hedonism of some and the lust for war of others.

A couple of alarming lessons coming from the Gulf of Mexico - If the ecological disaster occurred to a BP offshore oil platform is worth anything, it is just as a lesson, a reminder and a potent warning: the United States, supposedly the most powerful state on Earth, is in reality extremely vulnerable.

How To Survive Tax Payments - Governments around the world love to tax people as much as possible; the voracity of bureaucracy is remarkable and today any common citizen pays nearly half his income, which is more than what serfs used to pay during feudal times in the middle ages.

People Shouldn't Complain so Much When It's Not Due - U.S. imperialism and the ecological impact of its actions are being constantly criticised regarding its intervention in Central America to build the Panama canal, but who would have done things better?

The Glaciers That We Can See Disappearing - The speed at which glaciers are melting in China is such that it is possible to see the phenomenon unfolding with the naked eye, daily.

In The Realm Of Survival, Guns, Money And Plans... - There are times when surviving may mean to hide some things even from official scrutiny.

The Purple Of Tyre - If we ponder a little about those animals that have proved to be very valuable to humans we would probably think about cattle, horses, or pets, but few know that a couple of rather smallish gastropods from Mediterranean shores have been as valuable as gold since ancient times.

The Unsolicited Economic Growth Of Tibet - Today, Tibet is experiencing a fantastic growth of its economy, bolstered by the Chinese miracle, and everything seems to be okay, according to the authorities in Beijing, but is this really what Tibetans want?

The Right Team, The Right Stuff - Choosing the right team to perform any task is a long, often tedious and hard thing to do but the difference between preparation and lack of it is perhaps more evident than anywhere else within a company, army or group of any kind.

How Religious People Learned To Gamble And Avoid Taxation - One of the ways in which commoners sought to acquire fortune bypassing the economic system of late medieval times, taxation and other kinds of fines, bribes and so on was by gambling.

The true human environment - Ideas and debates about the factors that affect our environment and lives.

A Brief Description Of Monaco - Monaco is a very curious little place where ancient history mixes with business, money and hedonism.

Argentina: victim of her own mistakes? (I) - Comments and thoughts about Argentina and global change.

How Private Property May Kill You - Private property is fine: it has helped us to evolve from savages clinging to trees into reasonably healthy, well-fed and educated people, but we should reflect a little on the fact that our human constructions may at one or more crossroads of history conspire to kill us ass effectively as the deadliest of viruses.

Bartering is not the only way to get out of the system - As thousands of years have demonstrated, very simple recipes and methods for getting and saving your money work best.

Gea's Gold Pattern (I) - If you ever imagined yourself printing your own money, read this. Gea's Golden Pattern (POG): example of an an alternative currency.

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (I) - The depression of year 2002 in the country that was the A-plus student of the IMF may be just what anti-global groups need to prove that they are right.

Bureaucracy - Something to think about bureaucracy and dreams.

Be careful with some of those who say that they care about society... - Not all of those who say that they care about you, me and other human beings are really sincere. This short discussion brings new insights into this matter.

Some Warnings About The Scandinavian Model - Some constructive critics on the Scandinavian social and economic model.

A brief reflection on the goals of business, art and creation - Commercial corporations and museums may show some similarities from time to time, but they are not the same thing and cannot be run using the same techniques and strategies.

About Leaders, Casinos and American Football - One of the things that any leader should avoid is the belief that problems would turn to solve themselves automatically; this 'Casino Mentality' puts any organisation at the mercy of fortune and this makes impossible any sensible planning.

Internet, Causes And Public Interest Initiatives - People who feel they should defend causes like our environment, animal rights, human rights, education or any sort of ideal have now no excuse to say what they have to say.

We Don't Live Any Longer In A Yellow Submarine - In these last years, democracies around the world have been changing and in my opinion, they are losing their true value as the representation of the will of the people.

Toying With Revolvers And Nuclear Bombs - We can be naïve regarding our environment or the global economy but it is not the same to toy with a revolver than with an atomic bomb.

A View On Our Global Years - Since globalisation has become fashionable things have become a little confuse; first of all because the thing that has acquired global proportions in the fastest way is the financial stream of money from here and there in such a way as to help corporation reduce their costs at the expense of jobs and society in general.

The History Of An Aristocrat's Game: Baccarat - Even the Church went into the gambling business for a while, as people preferred to throw dice and use cards instead of going to mass, and little by little certain games evolved and began to take shape, and one of those was an Italian game that we today know as Baccarat.

The Successful Jungle Factory - The production of clandestine weaponry in the so-called 'jungle factories' - but indeed, it is not mandatory that such factories actually be in the jungle or any other particular environment - is a characteristic of mature guerrilla or irregular forces fighting in a long-term conflict. The appearance of such miniature industrial plants is also typical among well-organised resistance forces in invaded territories, and de facto autonomous regions.

The Black Market - One of the consequences of the prolongation of any sort of state of exception or survival is the apparition and development of the black market; survivors and survivalists should know what it is and how to operate because having to participate in it may be a probable scenario.

The Black Market Cannot Be Dominated - People buy and sell anything on the black market either for profit or survival; these are two motives so powerful that to authority could reasonably expect to eliminate all actors in such a scenario.

Regions / Countries / Argentina - An assortment of articles, comments and tales about Argentina: its government policies, economy, sports and social life in the country, nature and environmental issues, outdoor activities and more.

Bunkering: Stealing And Smuggling Oil In Nigeria - Why study and learn what an assortment of crooks id in the past? Certainly, not to applaud their crimes but knowing a little bit more may help us learn a little bit more about urban survival techniques, what works, what doesn't work and why.

Rationing And The Black Market - Rationing is a technique used to distribute food and goods for survival needs when normal distribution chains are broken; rationing cards are a classic of urban survival scenarios, as well as authoritarian and inept regimes.

A Losing Bet: Price Controls In Urban Survival Scenarios - People that have to survive in ill-managed economies often find themselves suffering the consequences of the very stupid idea that consists in thinking that you can control by law and decree what follows trends established by natural forces within any society.

Capital and Brain Drainage: Phenomena That Goverments Usually Try To cut By Limiting Freedom - When the situation in a country is bad, people tend to remove their money or remove themselves, sending their capital abroad or emigrating; this can leave any government in the verge of collapse so, from then on there are two alternatives: Improve the situation or start cutting individual rights and freedom.

Urban Survival: Reduce The Number Of Credit Cards That You Have - Credit cards are practical tools but in times of economic crisis they could easily become two-edged swords because the temptation to use them usually generate debts that while difficult to pay under normal circumstances, become terrible if the economy suffers.

Urban Survival: Reduce The Number Of Bank Accounts That You Have - Why pay more if you can get the same results for less? But there are more reasons to have less bank accounts, starting with the fact that simplicity helps our finances survive.

Saving Is Surviving And Prospering - What does it mean that so many people are falling into bankruptcy due to their mortgages and loans? Simply put, they owe far more than what they have and that's anti natural.

Gold And Jewels To Guarantee Your Financial Survival - When someone open an ancient Egyptian tomb or finds some sort of treasure, things of great archaeological and historical value are usually found, but there is something else there, a lesson for anyone trying to find out the safest investments that are possible, because such pieces, aside from their uniqueness, are still valuable for the intrinsic material of what they are made of.

You Have To Invest Wisely If You Want Your Savings To Survive - The most valuable things that a regular, average person has is his car and his home but investments in both areas are usually not very useful; if you want to have money for emergencies, save it and eventually pass it to the next generation of your family, you have to think out of the box.

Urban Survival: Your Money Is Not Safe In a Bank And Your Government Cannot Be Trusted To Oversee The Financial Industry - Historic evidence show that save some very few exceptions like Switzerland, no country offers true safety guarantees for people who want to keep their savings in a safe place; crooks, financial agents and even governments seize and expropriate that money from time to time.

Regions / Countries / Cuba - Official and non-official opinions about Cuba as a country and in political terms, about its society, economics and policies of Mr. Fidel Castro's government as a communist or neocommunist leader.

Anthropology and Sociology - Articles and texts on Anthropology, Sociology and subjects related to the behavior of the human being in general.

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