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Comments and articles on naval and nautical engineering and vessel construction thorough the history of explorations.

The Origins Of Naval And Marine Technology - The construction of boats and vessels is tightly related to survival as well as to exploration and the progress of mankind.

Navigating With Your Brains - Oceanic or long-range navigation over the water always requires two things: suitable vessels and good means to establish positions and courses.

The Eight Galleons - As any good faktor of his time, François de Schoenenberg not only acted as a diplomat, but also as an arms dealer; according to documents written by king Louis XIV and de Blecourt, his agent in Madrid, Schoenenberg at one point assisted Spain in purchasing eight warships with about 55 cannons each.

And Sea Monsters Exist, After All - Ancient maps and naval charts depict monsters like giant fish and squids eating whole ships; those images have been long considered purse superstition, but the discovery of actual giant squids in recent years prove that beyond tales there are frequently some basis of truth so, there might be a lesson here: Not because something sounds far-fetched it is necessarily false.

Henry the Navigator - Dom Henrique de Avis was born on March 4, 1394; until his death on November 30, 1460 he achieved many things of importance for the history of mankind; he was a Prince and an explorer, and he is still remembered as Henry the Navigator.

Bet Till You Drop... Some People Really Meant It - Clippers going from China to the UK competed ferociously against each other, and when steamers were finally ready for oceanic travel, people began betting on them too!

The Successful Jungle Factory - The production of clandestine weaponry in the so-called 'jungle factories' - but indeed, it is not mandatory that such factories actually be in the jungle or any other particular environment - is a characteristic of mature guerrilla or irregular forces fighting in a long-term conflict. The appearance of such miniature industrial plants is also typical among well-organised resistance forces in invaded territories, and de facto autonomous regions.

Bunkering: Stealing And Smuggling Oil In Nigeria - Why study and learn what an assortment of crooks id in the past? Certainly, not to applaud their crimes but knowing a little bit more may help us learn a little bit more about urban survival techniques, what works, what doesn't work and why.

Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

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