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Ecological problems, their possible solutions and feasible and sustainable measures that you can take in order to contribute to care for and improve the relationship between humankind and the environment.

The Existence Of Flying Dragons - Many people without education in mathematics find it hard to understand how odds and probabilities shape our world, and how it is that seemingly impossible things happen.

Jeepers Creepers! Climate Change Threatens Endangered Honeycreepers - Deadly Diseases May Move Up Hawaiian Mountains to Birds' Refuges - As climate change causes temperatures to increase in Hawaii's mountains, deadly non-native bird diseases will likely also creep up the mountains, invading most of the last disease-free refuges for honeycreepers - a group of endangered and remarkable birds.

Irukandis And Portuguese Frigates - Not all exotic animals are amicable, peaceful or useful for us; an encounter with a jellyfish like the Portuguese Frigate or the smallish Irukandi that inhabits in the Coral Sea, near Australia can be deadly even for adult people.

Archyteuthis, The Giant Squid - Luck never ceases to be luck, but depending on our attitude, we will determine it to a great extent, and how we will take advantage - or not - of what luck brings, is indeed nothing random. If we deny any possibility of having luck right from the beginning, then of course, nothing will happened and if it does, we will remain blinded to it and let it pass by.

The Baluchitherium of Chapman Andrews - The idea that monsters do exist comes probably from the finding of fossil remains long before their original was scientifically explained for the first time, around 1850 when the science of palaeontology was born, but aside from the fact that we know the origins of those bones turned into stone, they don't cease to fascinate us. Moreover: dinosaur fossils are extremely valuable, surpassing millions of dollars in net worth.

Morganucodon, Our Oldest Mammal Ancestor - If you ask a zoologist what would define or characterise most mammals, he or she would probably talk about their dentition, which has characteristically three different types of teeth combined: incisive, canines and molars.

The Heterodoxy Of Hawaii - Contrarily to common beliefs related to the islands, the original physiognomy of Hawaii was very different to today's popular images, and there are other weird things related to them that only a few know.

Get Fit To Gather Food - The archer fish of the Australian manglars shows how far nature could go to adapt animals just to eat.

The Survival Of Tyre - The local flora and fauna of what is now southern Lebanon suffered terribly from many punitive mass-scale rapes of the land, particularly at the hands of the Assyrians and the Babilonians; the Persians that came after were much more reasonable, tended to manage their issues more peacefully and cared a little bit more for their newly-acquired natural resources.

The Purple Of Tyre - If we ponder a little about those animals that have proved to be very valuable to humans we would probably think about cattle, horses, or pets, but few know that a couple of rather smallish gastropods from Mediterranean shores have been as valuable as gold since ancient times.

The true human environment - Ideas and debates about the factors that affect our environment and lives.

Fire As A Local Environmental Cleanser And Countermeasure Against Infections - If you ever spent a night outdoors, in a swampy area, cold or tropical but filled with small insects, you surely know what it means to be attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, flies and other exasperating creations of nature; a good use of fire will save you from such a disgrace.

Stories About Our Natural History - One of the topics that fascinated me the most was the history of Earth, and this is why here I present you some links to pages where we tell about things that might seem as mere details to some, about the evolution of some species and changes in our world, but that in reality, show the unsurpassable elegance of things.

A way to properly dispose of your litter (I) - An environment-friendly way to discard garbage during trips and travels.

Betcha Didn't Know: Fast Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries (I) - The technological and environmental standard in stored energy.

Notes On Picking Fossils (I) - Picking fossils may be interesting, but sometimes is agaist the law, especially if the extraction is intended for sale.

A brief reflection on construction and destruction (I) - Something to think about building and destroying, construction and destruction.

Internet Helps Weather Get More Local (I) - As with politics, all weather is local...

Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States (I) - Bird watching stakes claim as America's number one hobby.

A Gardener's Diary (I) - Have you ever thought about keeping a gardener's diary to record what you plant and where you plant it?

´Tis The Hearthworm Season (I) - Health avice for your pets. Hearthworm disease can affect your cat.

FIDAE 2004 - Worried by the Environment - FIDAE 2004 adds as new challenge, political environmental that synchronize with the accomplishment of the event.

A brief pondering about storms - The basics of the basics of mountain weather.

Fashion and nature - Something to think about fashion and nature.

Natural products - Something to think about natural products.

The trails ahead of you - Something to think about your future deeds in the form of trails.

Loving nature - What is to really love nature.

Adventure tips: stop fooling with nature

How Bactrian Camels Survive - Bactria wasn't just an important place for Alexander the Great; it leaves us with some interesting things to learn from, and anyone looking to lose weight would be interested in the case of the bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus), an animal that can naturally suffer the loss of up to a quarter of its total body mass and weight without any compromise to its health, and can even alter its temperature in about four degrees Celsius with no problems at all.

How Celts Used Their Resources To Survive - The way in which Celts took advantage of animals after their domestication in ancient Europe should be taken into account in every survival course.

The colour of salmon - What colour do you see when you eat salmon? Many would say somewhat redundantly that its colour is salmon, or red, but in reality, it isn't; the odd thing is that people normally wouldn't like to buy salmon, which is not coloured salmon, which is not the truth.

Climate change implicated in decline of horseshoe crabs - A distinct decline in horseshoe crab numbers has occurred that parallels climate change associated with the end of the last Ice Age, according to a study that used genomics to assess historical trends in population sizes.

Ecology, Nature and Environment / Environmental Organisations - A list and recommendations about various NGOs offering press releases, articles, essays and content about environmental and ecological issues.

Surviving a Fire / Surviving a Forest Fire - Lessons and articles on how to prevent and fight forest fires and woodland accidents involving fire.

Science and Technology / Meteorology and Weather Prognosis - Articles and advice on meteorology fundamentals and easy techniques to make useful weather forecasts for adventurers, navigators, pilots and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor Photography - Recommendations and advice for photographers and people who like to make pictures out in the wilderness.

Geography and Outdoors / Mountains and Mountainous Regions - Detailed descriptions of some mountains and ranges of Patagonia, South America and the rest of the world that we have explored.

Outdoor Activities / Trekking, Camping and Excursions - Trekking, basic camping and hiking as related to many extreme sports. Fundamental techniques and advice.

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Society / Globalisation / Antiglobalisation - Corporate and gubernamental political players worldwide support globalisation. People in general, however, tend to oppose this process as it unfolds now, causing widespread hunger, unemployment and poverty while less than 5% of humankind benefits from it.

Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

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