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Changes In The Nile - The Nile river is famous basically for three things: it is one of the longest in the world, it has an uncannily fertile valley surrounding it in the middle of the desert, and it reminds us of the fabulously rich Egyptian culture.

Egypt: A Tale Of Survival Of 5.000 Years - Egypt is one of the oldest nations existing in our planet and has been thorough a series of paradigm shifts in religious, political and ethnical terms that would have wiped out more than one state of normal resiliency.

Ungrateful To Phoenicians - The countries that exist today in northern Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt have within their territories very significant archaeological and historical sites that tell a lot about the first cultures and civilisations that occupied the area long before the Christians or the Islam.

The True Surival Story of A.H. Braun (V) - This is the story based on documents of First Lieut. A.H. Braun during WWII.

Solar Power Available To 100 Million People By 2025 - The solar thermal power industry could be worth 16.4 billion Euros and create 54,000 jobs worldwide by 2025, according to a report launched today in Egypt by Greenpeace.

Why Didn't The Egyptians Build Pyramids In Paris? - It is interesting to think about the possible reasons that precluded such an advanced society from establishing colonies thorough the Mediterranean, and the answer might just be found in the local botanical landscape.

Wilderness tips and advice: basic care for wounds in the tropical regions

The Contradictions Of Hamas-Like Groups - Are the Palestinians and people like them well served by such entities or these are the source of most of their troubles?

Islam Can Improve Its Public Image Worldwide - By acting in a violent way and exactly as what they pretend to criticise, Muslim fanatics put their own arguments at the same level that what they allegedly reject, and that puts them, by definition at an equally low or even lower level, for having seen something worn, instead of improving thins they embrace destruction.

The Tunnels of Gaza: Smuggling And Survival - During the recent Israeli offensive on the Gaza strip as retaliation for the rocket attacks against cities in Israel perpetrated by the Hamas terrorist organisation, a surprising number of tunnels were destroyed and a series of agreements between Israel, Egypt and the United States were set in place to fight smuggling into the strip, one of the ways in which people inside the region under blockade get both goods and weapons; however, historic experience dictates that processes against smuggling can be only partially successful at best and the activity cannot be eradicated.

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