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Some articles on how to play poker.

What Do You Have To Take Into Account Before Looking For Gold? - We have found gold because we are explorers, have an eye for such things and like to go away from civilisation; but if you don't want to travel then you will be better off doing something else like playing poker, the lottery, or simply working hard on a routine job.

Urban Survival And The Lottery - Despite that it might appear unlikely at first, our daily life and our long term survival seem like a lottery.

Cliché: Who Said That Life Is Fair? - Asking oneself argumentatively whether anyone said that life should be just or fair is a way to admit defeat without consideration to the proven fact that any situation, no matter how dire it might seem, can be turned around.

Rehearsing The Unexpected, Survive And Win - Having a hidden ace regarding combat techniques and changing suddenly our behaviour and the expectations of our adversaries is the key for survival and victory.

The History Of An Adventurer's Game: Poker - A summary of various brief stories that explain the origins of Poker.

Riding Horses With Poker Cards - How poker became not only a game but an icon of cowboys.

In-Flight Entertainment Or The Hell Of Boredom - The next time you go out to fly, even if it is not in places like Scandinavia, Patagonia or Kamchatka, think in advance and save yourself from the hell of boredom if you have to land in the middle of nowhere.

Gambling and Charity - Let's face it: many people will not spend in books and education what they throw away with the dice; so instead of having that money really thrown away, let's use it to buy books.

Adventure, Gaming And Gambling - A short essay on the reasons for people under extreme circumstances, like soldiers in combat, soon start gambling.

Gambling And The True Adictions Of Today - So, why is gambling judged so harshly when after all, it depends on an individual's decision? You gamble willingly and that's bad, but you work until you drop, nobody pays you, they fire you anytime, and that's right?

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