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Articles, comments, essays and tales about Mount everest, its characteristics, history and related events.

The Highest Garbage In The World - Mount Everest attracts thousands of visitors each year that leave thousands of kilos of all sorts of garbage without much of a fuss.

What Determines The Height Of The Tallest Mountains? - The Everest is the highest mountain on the surface of Earth and is still growing higher as the Indian subcontinent pushes northwards into Asia, and for geophysical reasons, mountains in our planet could not grow much more than that.

How Many Everests Did Exist? - All along the geological history of our planet, some mountain has been the highest one, but it wasn't always Mount Everest.

A Brief Reflection On Great Leaps - How success never mixes well with chance and coincidence.

Wilderness Tips And Advice: Formal Organisation In Expeditions - Wilderness tips and advice: leaders should provide some degree offormalorganisation in serious expeditions.

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