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Survival Tips For Economic Disasters - The dawn of civilisation meant the apparition of urban survival scenarios: today's world requires learning also how to survive in the middle of financial disasters both at a national as well as a global level. Here you have some advice.

Cliché: Who Said That Life Is Fair? - Asking oneself argumentatively whether anyone said that life should be just or fair is a way to admit defeat without consideration to the proven fact that any situation, no matter how dire it might seem, can be turned around.

Cliché: We Are Too Different - This argument is used to justify all sorts of misunderstandings and irreducible differences; it is very important to refute it because in any sort of leadership process, the true reasons for the decisions take should always be left completely clear.

Cliché: Don't Tell Me How To Live My Life - We have to teach if we are asked to, but we are always more fortunate whenever we can learn from others; so, to think that one cannot learn from others is to condemn oneself to disgrace.

Why Study And Live Abroad? - For anyone becoming an exchange student this question may seem preposterous, but it is really important to keep the answer in mind.

Travelling As An Exchange Student - Travelling and getting to know the country in which you are temporarily living as an exchange student is one of the best things you can do while still there.

Cultural Tips From The Organisation - Cultural exchange programs generally exist within the framework of some sort of organisation; this is a resource that should be taken advantage of in the event of adaptation problems.

Survival History: The Construction Of The Burmese Railway (I) - The history of the construction of the Burmese railway tells us that true Survivors know that opportunities never disappear, but just go elsewhere, with someone else.

Religious Books For Survival - Religious beliefs could prove essential for survival.

Is It Right To Violate The Law In Order To Survive? - If you have to opt between two evils; always opt for the lesser one.

The God That Suffered From Depression - Psychology and the ability to persuade are skills that were mastered in ancient times, despite the fact that we might not know anything about the ways in which our distant ancestors lived and solved their problems.

They Way In Which Hittites Cured All Evils And Infections - The quest for truth, happiness, the prediction of the future and the fight against infections and all sorts of evil have been part of our human culture seemingly for ever; spiritual cures for physical problems are also survival tools.

Religion And Survival - We also should understand religion as a survival tool for perilous and dangerous situations, catastrophes and all sorts of disasters, for it is one thing that individuals can cling to whenever they have lost everything else. Religion should not be underestimated as a factor to motivate survivors.

Self-Discipline As Your Engine For Success - The ability to impose discipline on oneself is the key for a major shift in efficiency and increases the likelihood of reaching any kind of goal.

The Right Team, The Right Stuff - Choosing the right team to perform any task is a long, often tedious and hard thing to do but the difference between preparation and lack of it is perhaps more evident than anywhere else within a company, army or group of any kind.

Climbing mountains and self-help - Climbing mountains is not just a sport, and is not just about running into risks. It's a way of life and the origin of valuable life-long lessons.

Action vs Self-Delusion - Knowledge fueled by emotion equals action. Action is the ingredient that ensures results. Only action can cause reaction. Further, only positive action can cause positive reaction

What You Create By Yourself Are Your Most Important Assets - An inspirational message for all those who want to make things on their own rather than following the path laid by others.

Nobody makes you angry but yourself! - Anger is just within you. Don't fool yourself!

People and Leaders - How the development of leadership skills can help you advance in your career or your business.

Cumulative And Perdurable Results In Survival Situations - The key point to consider is that within the context of long-term survival situations food may be scarce, the risk of infection or other health hazards increase, and the odds begin to play against the life expectancy of survivors.

10 Rules To Respect While Working Independently - If you are an independent worker, you should better learn how to deal with yourself.

An Explanation Of The Failure Of Many Internet Ventures - After a spectacular beginning, many Internet companies finally know the story...

A Hidden Way To Online Profits - If you are an online entrepreneur you are likely waiting for profits and know how hard it can be sometimes to achieve just one sale.

Multiple Skills for the 21st Century - I believe that it is important to walk into the 21st Century with multiple skills. You can gain the needed skills for the future while you create your income now

Doing the Remarkable - When it comes to meeting and conquering the negativity in your life, what can you do, starting today, that will make a difference? (I).">

The Subtlety of Language - I have found that sometimes the subtle difference in our attitude, which of course can make a major difference in our future, can be as simple as the language we use

Facing the Enemies Within - Fears, even the most basic ones, can totally destroy our ambitions. Fear can destroy fortunes. Fear is one of the many enemies lurking inside us.

Ending Procrastination - Perseverance means you never quit. Procrastination usually means you never get started.

Reaping a Multiple Reward - For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. That's one of life's great arrangements.

Keeping a Journal - One of the three treasures to leave behind

What Constitutes A Good Life? - What is the ultimate expression of life?

Keep Track of Your Results - Only true results count.

Love the Opportunity - Somebody said you have to love what you do, but that's not necessarily true. What is true is that you have to love the opportunity.

The Ant Philosophy - I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy.

Read All The Books - All of the books that we will ever need to make us as rich, as healthy, as happy, as powerful, as sophisticated and as successful as we want to be have already been written.

The Four Emotions That Can Lead To Life Change - Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Under the power of emotions, human beings can perform the most heroic (as well as barbaric) acts.

Getting Over Shyness - Most people admit they are at least a little bit shy, especially when it comes to selling.

How To Win, The Nice Way - Give your customers as few problems as possible while they are using your service or buying your product.

Come Off Well In Interviews - An interview is really marketing yourself. During an interview, everything is important.

Why Do Climbers Keep On Climbing Mountains? - why do climbers keep on climbing mountains.

Good And Bad Pieces Of Advice - Something to think about good and bad advice and critiques.

Consequent Actions - Something to think about consequent actions.

Ants and Minds - Something to think about cell phones.

The Titanic Syndrome - Comments on our shifts of mood when disasters strike

Your 4 X 4 Truck - Your 4 X 4 should do something more than just reach the supermarket.

Why should I trust You? - Useful tips and advice for increasing personal confidence.

Don't Invite the Ham Family to Christmas - Family gatherings bring joys and sorrows. Many families experience difficulty with their expectations.

Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside - We are encouraged to connect ourselves with the forces that surround us. The next time you're outside, allow yourself to go inside and connect to what keeps calling to you.

Is Your Life on Purpose? - Does the question stop you in your track as it does many people?

Letting Go Of Emotional Turbulence - Do you find yourself at times stucked by anger, frustration, fear or guilt?

Creating Special Moments - One of the greatest gifts is that of creation. Unfortunately, for many of us, it is left unopened.

A Simpler Way of Life - Even If you finish the rat race first, you are still a rat. Insights on how to get out of the race and change your life.

Nine Ways To Get The Most Out Of Living Your Life Purpose - You have finally clarified what your life is about. Now what?

Takers For Granted - Are you a taker? Do you take things for granted?

Thoughts On... Creativity And Daily Living - The notion of creativity is normally linked only to exceptional achievements, but is not.

Spiritual Hunger - Are you meant to be hungry?

Peace of God - Some tips for overcoming your worst moments.

Stress Reduction To Cultivate The Neutral Mind - It isn't always easy to see that we contribute to the stress which we experience.

Secrets Of Effective Communication - How can we improve Communication and understanding in our romantic relationships?

Give-and-Take: Really A Recipe For Success? - A woman once asked a question to a counsellor. I bet you will not be impressed.

Goals and Visions Unlimited - It is about time your marketing and business, heck, your life even, started working out.

Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? - My article is... about the responsibility to those people who hold us in high enough regard...

Money: An illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else - The first step to having success and wealth is to know what it is.

The Goals Of Business, Art And Creation - Commercial corporations and museums may show some similarities from time to time, but they are not the same thing and cannot be run using the same techniques and strategies.

The Stupidity Of The Rush Hour - Something to think about the real effect on the rush hour on us.

Entrepreneurship And Success - Something to think about entrepreneurship and success.

Reaching The Limits - Something to think about reaching the limits.

Armies And Corporations - Something to think about the discipline system of armies and corporations.

Titles And Honours, And The Required Nature Of Those Bearing Them - Something to think about titles, honours and the nature of those bearing them.

Longevity And Intelligence - Something to think about longevity and intelligence.

How To Get Recognition - Something to think about how to get recognition by others.

A Cup Of Coffee - Something to think about a simple cup of coffee.

Changing Mistaken Attitudes - Something to think about changing mistaken attitudes.

Hills And Personal Mountains - Something to think about hills and personal mountains.

Our Power To Commit Mistakes - Something to think about the power to commit mistakes: Repeated errors with silly ideas can destroy empires more effectively than atomic bombs.

Scapegoats - Something to think about the fabrication of scapegoats.

Winning is Better than Just Competing Because it is the Basis For Survival and Power - Weapons are nothing without the will to fight; gear and equipment, money, rescue odds and even favourable conditions mean nothing if survivors lack the will to succeed.

Saving Is Surviving And Prospering - What does it mean that so many people are falling into bankruptcy due to their mortgages and loans? Simply put, they owe far more than what they have and that's anti natural.

Leadership courses - The various leadership courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior leadership courses) thorough and The Gea Org.

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