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Totems Pitted Against Explorers - Totems and riches are more associated between each other than what we would superficially appreciate most of the times.

Seaplanes Versus Other Transports - Believing that boatplanes are 'rich brat toys' is also wrong: take Alaska, for example, where almost one third of its population is trained to actually fly aircraft. They use boatplanes as trucks, not as some sort of expensive weekend amusement. These are workhorses, actually.

The True Surival Story of A.H. Braun (I) - The problem was divided in three parts: first, my father had to find a way to get out of the Gulag. Second, how to survive in the wilderness, and third, how to evade control posts, guards and the opinions of collaborative civilians until he reached some safe ground. After pondering whether to go to the Bering Strait in search of Alaska or to the Russian territories in Asia, he choose Asia, for the Bering Strait implied crossing freezing waters before reaching the United States.

A Brief Pondering On Challenges - he risks that an Alaskan bush pilot undertakes whenever he or she - say - attempts to rescue climbers lost in a mountain or has to perform an emergency landing somewhere into the wilderness are a far, far greater stress and real risk source than anything found at an office, yet these folks tend to live longer and better than most of their fellow citadine human beings.

Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside - Spending time inside - in quiet and solitude - brings its own experience of movement, warmth and flow. Like finding yourself in the vast expanses of the Alaska wilderness, you don't seek finds you.

Authenticating The Kachina Doll (I) - The first people to arrive on the American continent did so by crossing the Bering Strait between 15,000 and 40,000 years ago, arriving in Alaska from Asia.

Connecting Cruise Ship Passengers To The Far Reaches Of The Last Frontier (I) - Disembarking for an overnight stay in the Talkeetna Lodge with a spectacular view of Mount McKinley in the distance.

Simple Planning Makes For a More Enjoyable Vacation (I) - Six years ago my family planned a summer vacation to Alaska. Because Alaska only has a couple months of warm weather, we knew that the month of July would be a busy time to travel there. That's why we purchased our airline tickets six months in advance.

Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (I) - In some cases, common inhabitants may prepare their own emergency shelters as well: in Patagonia and Alaska, local farmers and hunters usually build cabins at strategic places along their common routes, be it along rivers, roads or trails, and with a little experience and common sense, it is possible to find them even if you don't know the region.

America? - America extends from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego: it is not a country but a continent according to every single bit of sensible proof since the time of Columbus. Who gave the USA copyright titles over 'America', by the way?

Ditching In A Place Like Greenland - The chances of survival in such a scenario are rather low for various reasons, in regions where ice pours into waters, such as in the far north, in Russia, Cadada, Alaska, Iceland, the Scandinavian Peninsula, and Greenland; and in the far south, in Araucania, Patagonia and Antarctica. All these regions have coastal and lacustre areas littered with icebergs coming from glaciers of all sizes and are undoubtedly very cold.

For Toy-Like NASA Robots in Arctic, Ice Research Is Child's Play - Several snowmobiles navigated speedily over arctic ice and snow in Alaska's outback in late June. This scene might seem ordinary except that the recently unveiled snowmobiles are unmanned, autonomous, toy-size robots called SnoMotes - the first prototype network of their kind envisioned to rove treacherous areas of the Arctic and Antarctic capturing more accurate measurements that will help scientists better understand what is causing the well-documented melting of ice in those regions.

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