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Jeepers Creepers! Climate Change Threatens Endangered Honeycreepers - Deadly Diseases May Move Up Hawaiian Mountains to Birds' Refuges - As climate change causes temperatures to increase in Hawaii's mountains, deadly non-native bird diseases will likely also creep up the mountains, invading most of the last disease-free refuges for honeycreepers - a group of endangered and remarkable birds.

Hawaii Sightseeing In A Helicopter - Hawaii has a very rugged, mountainous terrain that is spectacular too; for those visiting the islands, a helicopter ride could be the best way to get to see them quickly and without too much effort.

The Heterodoxy Of Hawaii - Contrarily to common beliefs related to the islands, the original physiognomy of Hawaii was very different to today's popular images, and there are other weird things related to them that only a few know.

In A Private Jet All The Way To Hawaii - Those fortunate enough to have done both things in their lives are relatively few; I am one of them and I assure you that they are worth the price!

Seaplanes Versus Other Transports - Believing that boatplanes are 'rich brat toys' is also wrong.

Simple Planning Makes For a More Enjoyable Vacation (I) - Six years ago my family planned a summer vacation to Hawaii. Because Hawaii only has a couple months of warm weather, we knew that the month of July would be a busy time to travel there. That's why we purchased our airline tickets six months in advance.

Soy is More Than Tofu (I) - You see a white blob of tofu and ask yourself: Do I have to eat that?

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