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The Origins Of Naval And Marine Technology - The oldest vessel known so far has been found in the Netherlands: it is a fairly simple canoe very similar to those made by carving hardwood and used by many different ethnical groups even today.

François de Schoenenberg, Marquis de Brabant - Gottheil describes extensively the life of one of the members of the Schoenberg Ha Cohen family, dedicating to him a significant part of his book on the familiar history; that was François de Schoenenberg.

François de Schoenenberg and the Intrigues of Louis XIV - Despite his success as a diplomat and his appointment as representative in Madrid, François de Schoenenberg soon ran into trouble and the events surrounding the issue became the matter of a major international diplomatic conflict that lasted five years.

François de Schoenenberg, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary - Soon after the international crisis caused by the arrest of Schoenenberg's secretary in Spain was finished, king Louis XIV of France began pressing the Spanish monarch to remove the representative of the British and Dutch.

The Eight Galleons - As any good faktor of his time, François de Schoenenberg not only acted as a diplomat, but also as an arms dealer; according to documents written by king Louis XIV and de Blecourt, his agent in Madrid, Schoenenberg at one point assisted Spain in purchasing eight warships with about 55 cannons each.

The Age of Discovery and its Financiers - Starting in the XV century, the age of discovery was a period of extensive European exploration of the world that included Columbus' trip to America, the feats of Vasco da Gama, Cabral and many others, but someone had to pay for the whole thing, and – perhaps you guessed – there were Jewish financiers backing it all up.

Surviving Our double Standards - It is quite ironical that countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland, which have abolished the death penalty long ago, at the same time legally allow euthanasia, or the case of Norway, were abortions are even paid by the state welfare system but nobody even considers death as a legal penalty.

The Falklands Belong To Argentina, So Europeans Say... - In recent days, the people of France and the Netherlands voted clearly against the proposed constitution, and then, as a consequence, the Dutch Parliament officialy rejected it; thus, the European Constitution as it stands is indeed void, and so are its statements, including those referred to the overseas territories of member countries, including the Falkland / Malvinas Islands.

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