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Articles, comments, essays and tales about Turkey, travel stories, its culture, history and its inhabitants.

The God That Suffered From Depression - Psychology and the ability to persuade are skills that were mastered in ancient times, despite the fact that we might not know anything about the ways in which our distant ancestors lived and solved their problems.

They Way In Which Hittites Cured All Evils And Infections - The quest for truth, happiness, the prediction of the future and the fight against infections and all sorts of evil have been part of our human culture seemingly for ever; spiritual cures for physical problems are also survival tools.

Turkey: The Problems Of Becoming Part Of Europe - Turkey wants to be yet another European nation, yet, it is a nation that has had many different incarnations thorough its extended and rich history: in this new century, its quest is not to remember its Islamic history or its past as an empire, but to define itself as a part of Europe.

Why Didn't The Egyptians Build Pyramids In Paris? - It was just a botanical matter, the existence of adequate vegetation what allowed the first inhabitants of Greece, Turkey and Lebanon to expand their dominions and explore distant lands, and eventually that led to the present state of Western culture.

Climate Change On G8 Priority List - The report also highlights that thirteen key countries around the world can play a leadership role to help unlock the major market deployment envisaged by this industry blueprint: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Poland, Turkey, the UK and the USA.

Authority (I) - Macchiavelli compared how France and the Ottoman Empire might fare in a high-intensity conflict: he said that France could be invaded more easily than Turkey, but also, that France would be impossible to maintain under control due to the fact that different groups would resist the invasion; Turkey, on the other hand, would be defeated only if the Ottoman armies were utterly exterminated, but once this is achieved, the whole empire would fold and collapse.

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