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Articles, comments, essays and tales about Latin America, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Lessons From Karal (I) - The real estate business is probably one of the oldest in human existence and it is here to stay; regrettably, wars are here to stay too, most of the times provoked by territorial disputes despite that archaeology proved that things could have evolved otherwise.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Mate Tea In Your Camp - Mate tea is a traditional beverage from South America; some say that it originated in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay or Brazil; it really doesn´t matter, but you too can enjoy this kind of tea, which is healthier than traditional tea or coffee, and it is easy to prepare even in the most extreme outdoor base camp.

Why Not Learn To Fight Guerrillas From Vietnam Instead Of Cuba Or The United States? - Guerrilla warfare is not just a tactic or a strategy but a matter of mentality, and only those who are good as guerrilla fighters are capable of understanding it and mount effective counter insurgency operations.

In Latin America, Soccer Is More Important Than Human Rights (I) - An essay on the failure of new democracies of Latin America to deliver real results for the people.

Sometimes You May Hit an Empty Jackpot - Sometimes the most coveted things prove useless once people get them, either because the really worthwhile thing about coveting something was the desire itself, but not the object; and sometimes the problem lies in the fact that people believe untrue things about what they covet and want.

Latin America: "Post-Communism" and Lessons from the European East (I) - In the Czech Republic, the "post-communists," after a long decade of systematic work in the trenches, have managed to recover power, as in the epoch of the Soviet empire.

FIDAE 2004 - Leader in Latin America Par Excellence - One of the principal points that define FIDAE 2004, as the major aeronautical modal of Latin America, is his aptitude to modernize and to adapt to the changes that take place day after day in the commercial and military aviation of the whole orb.

Regions / Countries / Argentina - An assortment of articles, comments and tales about Argentina: its government policies, economy, sports and social life in the country, nature and environmental issues, outdoor activities and more.

Regions / Countries / Bolivia - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Bolivia, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Brasil - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Brasil, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Chile - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Chile, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Colombia - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Colombia, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Cuba - Official and non-official opinions about Cuba as a country and in political terms, about its society, economics and policies of Mr. Fidel Castro's government as a communist or neocommunist leader.

Regions / Countries / El Salvador - Information, news, tips, stories, comments and more about El Salvador for adventure travellers and those intersted in nature, the environment and what happens in our world.

Regions / Countries / Mexico - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Mexico, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Nicaragua - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Nicaragua, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Panama - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Panama, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Regions / Countries / Venezuela - Articles, comments, essays and tales about Venezuela, travel stories, and its inhabitants.

Mountains and Mountainous Regions / Patagonia - Detailed descriptions of some mountains and ranges of Patagonia, South America that we have explored.

Exploration and Expeditions / Continents / Antarctica - Articles, comments and tales regarding Anctarctic exploration, polar survival and marching techniques, and related topics.

Regions, Continents and Countries - Articles, essays, comments and tales about different regions, continents and countries of the world dealing in each with case aspects of their society, culture, economy, geography, folklore, history, regional products, sports and outdoor activities, and other things of interest fot any traveller.

Geography and Outdoors / Navigation and Maps - Learn how to navigate using maps, a compass, gps systems or simply by observing natural formations - Find your way whenever you get lost in the wilderness.

Travel and Tourism - Advice and recommendations for travellers and tourists - Avoid complications in your trips.

Leaders and Leadership - Compilation of articles and courses on leadership: how leaders arise, natural leaders, how to learn to lead, educating leaders, etc.

Groups and Organisations - Assorted articles related to human groups and organizations, as much commercial (companies or corporations) like without profit aims (associations or foundations).

Outdoors / Ecology, Nature and Environment - Ecological problems, their possible solutions and feasible and sustainable measures that you can take in order to contribute to care for and improve the relationship between humankind and the environment.

Social Sciences / Politics and Political Problems - Articles and insights of citizens who ponder about national and international politics and political problems, politicians, government policies, chariy projects and others that have current leading roles in our world, taking into consideration social and environmental issues.

Society / Globalisation / Antiglobalisation - Corporate and gubernamental political players worldwide support globalisation. People in general, however, tend to oppose this process as it unfolds now, causing widespread hunger, unemployment and poverty while less than 5% of humankind benefits from it.

Arts, Crafts and Artists - An assortment of articles dealing with our ways to express, create and learn about arts and crafts, as well as artistic products in the context of history, museums and various disciplines such as plastic and performing arts, cienam, photography, literature, etc.

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Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

Outdoor Photography - Recommendations and advice for photographers and people who like to make pictures out in the wilderness.

Sociedad / Editoriales de Desaparecido N.N. - Hay quienes quieren sus quince minutos de fama y quienes absolutamente no; en esta sección de editoriales y artículos hacemos conocer datos sobre toda clase de individuos e instituciones que le hacen difícil la vida a los viajeros, exploradores o simples ciudadanos, y no quieren ser expuestos públicamente.

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