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The Treasure Ships - Only few times you will be able to get significant prizes without significant efforts: during the thirteenth century China had the most advanced naval and marine technology in the world, and as the ancient nation was attempting to expand its dominions and power, it began to develop oceanic commerce but had to make very significant investments in engineering and the construction of enormous shipyards.

Ancestors of the Skowronek Family in Portuguese Naval Expeditions - Sailing in caravels, carracks and galleons, some ancestors of the Skowronek family belonging to the Schoenberg (Sampayo – Belmonte) branch living in Portugal in the XV and XVI centuries took part in the expeditions that opened the sea trade between Europe and Asia.

The Phoenician Explorers - Phoenicians had a natural gift for business, but dedicating yourself to commerce in those days required an adequate combination of natural commercial instincts indeed, with the addition of exploratory abilities as well as military and combat skills.

Henry the Navigator - Dom Henrique de Avis was born on March 4, 1394; until his death on November 30, 1460 he achieved many things of importance for the history of mankind; he was a Prince and an explorer, and he is still remembered as Henry the Navigator.

People Shouldn't Complain so Much When It's Not Due - U.S. imperialism and the ecological impact of its actions are being constantly criticised regarding its intervention in Central America to build the Panama canal, but who would have done things better?

The Story Of Captain Tarapow And His Icebreaker - April 2007: A fire develops on board the A.R.A. Almirante Irizar, a massive ship and the only icebreaker in the southern hemisphere; everyone abandons the vessel, except the captain; the ships seems to hang on, as well as the captain.

- On its way to deliver emergency fuel to Nome, Alaska, the Russian tanker Renda will move through an area used by wintering spectacled eiders, a federally threatened sea duck. But, to protect the ducks and their wintering habitat, resource managers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and navigators from the U.S. Coast Guard are using satellite telemetry information from the U.S. Geological Survey to plot a route for the tanker that minimizes impacts to this species and its habitat.

Dom Lopo Vaz de Sampaio, Knight, Explorer, and Governor of India - The father of Dom Iago de Sampaio y Belmonte dedicated his life to maritime exploration and trade between Portugal and the Far East during the XV and XVI centuries.

Satellite Tracking Helps Russian Tanker Navigate Critical Sea Duck Habitat - On its way to deliver emergency fuel to Nome, Alaska, the Russian tanker Renda will move through an area used by wintering spectacled eiders, a federally threatened sea duck. But, to protect the ducks and their wintering habitat, resource managers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and navigators from the U.S.

The Heterodoxy Of Hawaii - Contrarily to common beliefs related to the islands, the original physiognomy of Hawaii was very different to today's popular images, and there are other weird things related to them that only a few know.

In A Private Jet All The Way To Hawaii - Those fortunate enough to have done both things in their lives are relatively few; I am one of them and I assure you that they are worth the price!

And Sea Monsters Exist, After All - Ancient maps and naval charts depict monsters like giant fish and squids eating whole ships; those images have been long considered purse superstition, but the discovery of actual giant squids in recent years prove that beyond tales there are frequently some basis of truth so, there might be a lesson here: Not because something sounds far-fetched it is necessarily false.

Why Didn't The Egyptians Build Pyramids In Paris? - It is interesting to think about the possible reasons that precluded such an advanced society from establishing colonies thorough the Mediterranean, and the answer might just be found in the local botanical landscape.

Seaplanes Versus Other Transports - A brief explanation on why boatplanes, seaplanes and amphibians are better means of transportation than land or water vehicles.

Ungrateful To Phoenicians - The countries that exist today in northern Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt have within their territories very significant archaeological and historical sites that tell a lot about the first cultures and civilisations that occupied the area long before the Christians or the Islam.

Bet Till You Drop... Some People Really Meant It - Clippers going from China to the UK competed ferociously against each other, and when steamers were finally ready for oceanic travel, people began betting on them too!

A Brief Description Of Monaco - Monaco is a very curious little place where ancient history mixes with business, money and hedonism.

A Day On Australia's Great Barrier Reef (I) - My wife and I have a list. It's a list of a hundred things we want to do before we die.

Sometimes You May Hit an Empty Jackpot - Sometimes the most coveted things prove useless once people get them, either because the really worthwhile thing about coveting something was the desire itself, but not the object; and sometimes the problem lies in the fact that people believe untrue things about what they covet and want.

Connecting Cruise Ship Passengers To The Far Reaches Of The Last Frontier (I) - Imagine sipping chilled wine or capuccino as you watch the sun set and the sky burst into prisms of color over jagged mountain peaks topped with snow...

Tips for travelling internationally with your computer - Travelling internationally with a computer implies passing controls at airports and in some cases, at other places. Learn the basics.

Travel tips and advice: Do not forget local laws and regulations

Travel tips: the laws abroad - Wilderness tips and advice: a very important piece of advice about the laws abroad.

Caution abroad - Always carry some sort of ID.

Travel tips: the informed visitor - Become an informed visitor.

Keep your important papers with you! - Have your documents with you at all times.

Terrorism, Travel, Safety and the Fear Factor - While there is indeed a problem with terrorism, its relevance for travellers has been greatly exaggerated in most parts of the world.

Simple Planning Makes For a More Enjoyable Vacation (I) - June is time to think of ways that you can rejuvenate yourself...

Keep a diary or logbook

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